Choosing the Best IT Support Company in Los Angeles

IT Support Los Angeles

Have your IT requirements started to expand beyond the scope of your in-house personnel? Or, are you finding that you’re overburdening your internal staff members with technical questions, obligations, and general problem-solving requirements?

Maybe the costs of maintaining a full-time IT professional have simply become too much to financially bear. In any case, it’s time to research the different types of IT support in Los Angeles can offer.

Of course, not just any managed IT Support in Los Angeles will do. Your hardware and network support and software systems are far too valuable and high-priced to trust them to an inexperienced or incompetent team. You need a local consultant that’s the best in the business, with a reputation for providing the type of reliable, around-the-clock support you need.

Today, we’re sharing the key features to look for as you begin interviewing companies. Jot these down and refer to the list to help you find a team you can trust.

Fast Response Times

Arguably no other factor is more important than an IT support consultant’s ability to respond quickly to any issue that might arise. Usually, this means looking for a company that can provide 24/7 support, so there’s always someone on call when a problem occurs.

At Be Structured Technology Group, our managed IT services in Los Angeles experts are available to provide real-time, immediate support for 12 hours per day, five days a week. Yet, that doesn’t mean we’ll leave you hanging if you need help outside of that timeframe. There’s always an expert technician on call, who can handle any emergency situations or high-priority issues.

Why is this feature so important?

Consider the costs associated with even a small amount of downtime at your business. If you can’t access your network systems, it isn’t long before workplace productivity crashes, along with your sales and bottom line.

According to one report, one minute of downtime costs the average company $5,600. In another survey, 98% of business leaders claimed that a single hour of downtime costs their companies well over $100,000.

The bottom line?

You can’t afford to twiddle your thumbs. You need to be confident that your systems are being managed proficiently from afar and anything less than that is a risk you can’t afford to take.

Experienced IT Experts

When you work with a Southern California outsourced IT support company, you’re working with real people, not machines. To this end, you want to make sure that the team members responsible for managing your services are experienced and qualified to do so.

In your initial interviews, ask about the size of the IT support company. How many employees are currently on staff? Then, ask about their vetting process and the level of experience that you can expect from each technician assigned to your account.

We’re proudly transparent of our experience at Be Structured. Though we’ve been in business since 2007, our team members have more than 15 years of combined IT Support in Los Angeles, including our CEO!

At the end of the day, you don’t need a team of salespeople running your systems. You need IT experts who know the industry forward and backward and are dedicated to delivering a superior level of service. Once we essentially become your Los Angeles IT support department, you’ll never have to worry if you’re in good hands.

Wide Library of IT Services

You don’t want to partner with an IT company that only does one thing really well. While this business model might work in some sectors, it could leave you stranded if an issue occurs that’s beyond the consultant’s scope of work.

Instead, look for a company that can provide a wide library of IT services for you to choose from. You can check out all of our IT support company offerings online! A few examples of our all-inclusive offerings include:

Ask any prospective partner to detail the range of services that they can offer. You want to make sure you’re covered at every turn. Plus, a well-equipped team can also help you navigate new technology implementations in the future!

Cost-Effective Tech Services

Even the best-of-breed IT consulting services won’t help if you simply can’t afford to keep them going. Before you get too far into your initial interviews, ask each company representative to describe their associated pricing plans.

Most will charge on a per-user basis, although this isn’t always the case. Keep in mind that even if the numbers surprise you at first, don’t be afraid to dig a little deeper. Most top-tier IT companies are experienced in helping clients create custom, personalized plans that fit into their budgets.

If you already know how much you’re able to spend, you can share this information and inquire about the level of services that you can receive for that amount. This way, you’ll receive the best level of services possible while still remaining financially sound.

Experience in Your Industry

The “business” industry is divided into countless niches, from financial services to manufacturing. As such, it isn’t enough for an IT consultant to simply have business experience. You need a team that’s worked in your specific niche before and understands its unique technology requirements.

A few of the top questions to ask on this topic include:

  • Have you ever worked in my industry before?
  • How many projects have you completed that are similar in size and scope to mine?
  • Have you earned any awards or certifications specific to my industry?

If the answer to all of these questions is “no”, then consider expanding your search to include companies that are more familiar with your day-to-day operations. Otherwise, the consultants could recommend different services and technology solutions that aren’t a great fit, and you’ll wind up paying more than you need to.

Local Headquarters

It’s true that a majority of your communication and contact with your IT services company will be performed virtually. For instance, you may call a technician for a troubleshooting request or message your Account Manager with a question. However, it’s still smart to look for a team that has a local company headquarters.

Why is this so important? You’ll be able to receive quicker support in the event that an on-site issue arises.

Consider what would happen if your firewall failed and required total replacement. If your IT support company can’t visit your on-site premises that day, then they’ll have to coordinate a third-party company to help. Depending on their availability, it could take days to finally resolve your issue.

If you’re in Los Angeles or Orange County, we’re your go-to local IT services provider. We provide a long list of the areas we serve online, and you can easily see our dedication to supporting small and mid-sized downtown businesses from IT support in Century City to IT services in Santa Monica.

In addition to problem-solving, it can sometimes be easier to meet in person to discuss key business goals or updates to your service plan. This is infinitely more doable when both parties are located close to one another. If your company has multiple branches, ask how support will be handled.

Support For Your Operating Systems

For years, the Windows operating system reigned supreme. As such, it was relatively easy to find an IT consulting firm that provided Windows-specific technical support services. Now, however, other OS solutions including Mac and Linux are becoming more popular than ever before.

Does your business run on either of these operating systems? If so, make sure to find a managed services provider that can support and work on it. Otherwise, the only solution is to switch over your entire infrastructure, which can be incredibly expensive, labor-intensive, and time-consuming.

Emphasis on Data Security

Data security is no longer a nice-to-have feature. It’s a critical part of your network management and should be a non-negotiable part of your service plan.

As you explore your options, look for IT Support in Los Angeles that has deep data security expertise. The team should be able to create a unique security plan that fits both your organizational needs and your operational budget. There should also be an emphasis on ongoing technician training to ensure that all team members are up to speed on the latest cyberthreats.

Keeping this in mind, it’s also important that you can identify lip service when you see it. Even with the most robust security tools and best-trained employees, an IT services firm cannot guarantee that your network will be 100% secured against every type of vulnerability. If they advertise this level of service, it’s inaccurate and suggests that they could be glossing over other parts of their plan, too.

Great Customer Reviews

Did you know that 84% of people now trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations from friends and family members? We’re increasingly hopping online to learn what others have to say before we choose a restaurant, shop at a store, or make any kind of virtual purchase.

This type of curiosity should also extend into the IT space. Before making a final decision, take the time to read what others have to say about the company you’re eyeing.

Some will have these reviews posted directly to their website, usually organized into a dedicated webpage. Others will include a separate section in their social media pages for past customers to weigh in on their experience. While you don’t have to read every piece of feedback, scan them to find general themes.

Are most people talking about the company’s response times? Is there regular mention of the team members’ expertise and professionalism? Write down any common talking points and bring them up when you conduct your interview or meet with company representatives.

Proactive Infrastructure Management

Yes, you need your IT consultant to react and respond to service tickets. You want them to fix broken hardware, troubleshoot software problems, and answer user questions as they arise.

However, these are all reactive services. In addition, you also need your IT services provider to take a proactive approach to infrastructure management. At the basic level, this means monitoring your network for system outages, though it should extend far beyond this level.

If you want to secure the best IT Support in Los Angles can provide, then look for a company that also guides you toward smart, budget-friendly tech tools that can make your staff more productive and reduce overall downtime. Top-tier companies will meet with you regularly to go over your business goals and create a plan to help you meet them.

Industry Awards and Recognition

Looking for a good indicator that a managed IT services company is an expert in their space? Check their website or social media platforms for signs of industry-specific awards, certifications, and qualifications.

You can find all of Be Structured’s recent recognitions on the righthand side of all of our web pages. Some of the most recent ones include:

The provider you’re considering doesn’t need to share these same awards. Yet, there should be some indication that they’re making waves in their niche and paving the way for other subject matter experts. If you don’t see any indications online, be sure to ask!

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We know that you’ve got plenty on your plate. You shouldn’t have to stress over juggling your IT needs along with every other part of your operation. That’s why we’re proud to offer the best IT support in Los Angeles.

Through the years, we’ve climbed the ranks to become the city’s best managed IT services provider. We can help offset the costs and burdens of maintaining an in-house IT expert, all while making your network more secure and productive than ever before. Contact us to schedule a free consultation and let’s take this next step forward together.