IT Consulting Los Angeles Based Be Structured Is A Microsoft Azure Expert

Microsoft Azure is a powerful platform that boasts over 100 services and solutions. Accelerate business growth by moving to the cloud, and let Be Structured, the leading managed IT services Los Angeles has to offer, guide you there the right way.

You might not be quite sure what Microsoft Azure or Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) actually are, but don’t worry, that’s not an issue for us. 

Be Structured is an expert when it comes to all things Microsoft Azure. We have helped hundreds of businesses migrate to the platform, and this is propped up by ongoing support when needed.

Microsoft Azure is a hybrid cloud-computing application platform that features platform as a service (PaaS) and infrastructure as a service (IaaS) solutions under one umbrella. Its scalability and capability make it an attractive option for businesses of all sizes, while the functionality of Microsoft Azure is what keeps them coming back for more. 

You can develop, manage, and deploy applications and data in a secure cloud platform. It is appealing, as you don’t have to buy or maintain an underlying infrastructure, and you can build apps in a quicker and easier fashion than via other methods.

As for how you decide to use Microsoft Azure, this is down to your requirements. 

With a wide range of solutions and services available, your company could have a completely different use for the platform when compared to a different outlet. 

The customizability of Microsoft Azure, where you can tailor it to match your needs, is another positive in its favor. As for the available solutions and services, these include:

  • Mobile app developing and hosting
  • Website developing and hosting
  • Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD)
  • Remote Desktop Servers (RDP)
  • Active Directory and Office 365
  • Integration with on-premise systems/servers
  • Data backup and disaster recovery services
  • ERP/Custom Application Hosting

One other perk is that Azure is fully integrated with every other relevant Microsoft product on the market. This means if you’re fortunate enough to already have a Microsoft infrastructure in place, as many of our customers and prospects already do, Azure will work straight out of the box and complement your current applications and software.

Yet if you want to start enjoying the benefits but don’t have a Microsoft infrastructure, you will have to migrate to Microsoft Azure. 

As one of the biggest IT support companies in Los Angeles and surrounding areas, Be Structured can help with every step of the Microsoft Azure migration process.

The Consulting, Migration And Implementation Process

For a successful migration to Microsoft Azure, various steps need to be taken. If even one element is missing, it could end up being a painful, expensive, and time-consuming process. This is why hiring Be Structured, a Los Angeles IT support specialist, makes all the sense in the world. 

We can ensure the migration not only remains within budget, but also avoids any costly delays when you get your IT services outsourced in Los Angeles.

To achieve these goals, we go through the following process for all Microsoft Azure migrations

Putting The Plan Together

First of all, we will hold a free consultation to understand what you hope to achieve by moving to Azure. 

Along with detailing how the migration will work, our experts offer advice and strategic guidance to help overcome your short- and long-term challenges. 

We can identify the right solutions and services on Azure for your needs, ensuring you hit the ground running once the migration is complete.

An Audit Of Your IT Infrastructure

Once the general consultation is complete, we’ll take a closer look at your current IT infrastructure. 

By conducting an in-depth IT audit, our outsourced tech support will gain a greater understanding of what the migration will entail. These details are then used to produce a report for your viewing pleasure. This report provides a migration process breakdown and the overall cost of the project.

When you’re happy to proceed, we put the wheels into motion for the migration. This begins with the design of the right cloud infrastructure for your business. 

By working with your team, we can understand your business strategy and key challenges, and build an infrastructure that best suits your goals.

The next part of the process involves us putting together a meticulous plan. 

Preparation is integral for the success of the migration. A plan of action will be created, which includes a checklist of everything that needs to be done. This includes various pre-migration tasks

We will assist you in completing these pre-migration tasks, and this will place the project in a prime position for success.

The implementation

Prior to the relocation to Azure with Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) or Remote Desktop, a final round of testing is conducted. These pre-migration checks help us to know everything is fine with the cloud infrastructure before completing the transition. 

As a company that offers the best 24/7 business IT support in Los Angeles has to offer, we want the migration to have zero impact on your audience, so a seamless migration is essential.

The implementation sees your data being successfully transferred over to Azure, as well as all application upgrades being completed. 

Also, don’t think we’re gone once the migration is complete. 

At Be Structured Technology Group, your go-to company for outsourced IT in Los Angeles, our team of experts will be on hand to guide you around your new environment, spot optimization opportunities, and help you to maximize your new Azure home.

Making the most of your environment

As mentioned in the previous point, as one of the best managed IT services that downtown Los Angeles has to offer, we’ll be around to assist you with making the most of Azure. This includes highlighting the right services and solutions for your business.

Take Windows virtual machines and Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD)for instance. This is a service that is readily available to use for anyone with an Azure account, and it’s one that has several advantages for certain businesses. 

You can use it to run specific software, test apps in a sandbox-like environment, and more. In fact, you can run your entire organization in the cloud now using WVD and leave the days of on-premise servers in the dust!

A virtual machine is only one example. As an IT consulting Los Angeles expert, Be Structured knows everything that needs to be known about Azure’s various features. 

As one of the best outsourced tech support companies in Los Angeles, we can pick out and apply the most suitable ones for your business.

Advantages of Using Microsoft Azure

If you think migration is too much trouble, you have to keep in mind the many advantages of using Microsoft Azure. Some of these benefits have already been mentioned. Yet if you require further convincing, here are a few more Azure advantages:

  • It optimizes in more ways than one: Thanks to its accessibility and easy-to-use approach, Azure is primed for businesses looking to optimize their output. Firstly, its integrated development environment flattens the learning curve, making it easy for employees to become proficient with the platform. Current apps can be deployed with next to no downtime. In addition, Azure supplies fast worldwide content delivery due to having a presence in many different countries.
  • Lessens the need for in-house operations: When your business operates on the cloud, there’s much less demand for operations to remain in-house. Employees don’t need to remain within the office, which can help boost their overall morale. Furthermore, it puts less pressure on needing certain equipment. By moving to Azure, your IT team can forget about maintaining equipment that is outdated, overused, or underutilized. Instead, their primary focus can be on your business, where they have more time to refine and expand the entire IT infrastructure.
  • Ideal for businesses of all sizes: Azure can be utilized by essentially every type of business, ranging from the humble local butcher to multinational organizations. The accessibility of the platform is only magnified due to its scalable nature. You can easily scale up or down to match your current IT demands. Add in the fact that it has a pay-as-you-go pricing structure, and it is also suitable for any budget.
  • Added security for your business: There’s a reason why Azure is often the choice for high-risk industries that want to get on the cloud. Microsoft places a primary focus on network support with greater security. This is why Azure boasts various compliance certifications to go along with its strong reputation for keeping data safe. It doesn’t just keep businesses safe, either – it also protects end-users. With other features like disaster recovery and multi-factor authentication, Azure ensures it stays ahead of other cloud-based platforms in terms of security.
  • Hybrid cloud environment opens up possibilities: Due to featuring both IaaS and PaaS, Azure provides a hybrid cloud environment. This presents various possibilities for your business. It allows you to decide on whether you want to opt for a public cloud or go the autonomous route. You can also choose different levels of internet connectivity – and even decide to remain offline while still having access to services.
  • Industry-specific apps: Certain industries deal with sensitive and high-risk data. Think about the likes of the government, financial services, healthcare and legal firms IT support systems – they cannot risk having any data being compromised or give customers the feeling their apps are unsafe to use. This is why Azure offers many different applications and features that address these unique requirements. These include simplified compliance, individualized security necessities, and modernized consumer apps. Virtual Machines and Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) can enable 100% cloud, 100% remote workforces in even the most challenging IT environments and applications.

The Best IT Services Los Angeles Has To Offer

Whether you require help with Microsoft Azure and Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) migration or are interested in our all-inclusive MSP services, MSSP security services, or something else, Be Structured is ready to assist with all your IT needs. As a Los Angeles IT solutions expert, we possess the skills and expertise to take your business to the next level.

Forget about compromising your data or suffering from extensive downtime. Contact Be Structured today and start benefiting from a superior IT infrastructure when you work with Be Structured for your outsourced business IT services and security in Los Angeles.