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Universal City IT Support

Universal City is the home of Universal Studios Hollywood and offers numerous retail spaces and restaurants along Universal CityWalk. Be Structured’s team specializes in providing robust IT solutions for businesses of all sizes throughout Universal City to drive success at every level. If you want your business to run as efficiently as possible and you need reliable IT solutions, Be Structured is one of the most trusted managed service providers (MSP) in the area. Get in touch with our team today and we’ll be happy to visit your office and discuss your vision for the future.

Our Universal City Partners

We provide next-level IT solutions for the following Universal City businesses:

Popular Universal City IT Solutions

Dependable IT Services so you can focus on your business goals

Comprehensive Managed Service Provider Solutions

When you partner with Be Structured Technology Group, our team takes the time to cultivate a personal relationship, so it’s like having your own IT department. Even if you already have an in-house IT team, we’re happy to work alongside them to elevate your infrastructure even further.

We structure our services to deliver comprehensive coverage, so your technology platform always aligns with your business goals. When you partner with Be Structured, you gain access to a team of experts, each with their own diverse experiences, all for a single monthly fee.

We design our all-inclusive managed IT solutions to offer a balance between cost and outcomes with industry-leading strategies and predictable billing. At Be Structured, we pride ourselves on being a managed service provider (MSP) with the capabilities to deliver technology solutions that add lasting value to your operations.

Collaboration and UCaaS Platforms

If you’re interested in the latest collaboration and UCaaS tools, we have extensive experience building solutions to suit your needs. When it comes to collaboration platforms, our goal is to provide a simple user experience while driving cost savings, streamlined operations, and next-level customer engagement. Our team understands that true collaboration happens when employees have the power to exchange ideas easily and effectively. That’s why we develop seamless communications solutions that are easy to use and provide the ideal environment for streamlined communication, collaboration, and sharing.

Network Security and Compliance Services

One of our primary missions at Be Structured has always been to ensure technology is always working for our business partners and never against them. Network security and industry compliance are critical to achieving that goal. We specialize in developing a security architecture that provides a reliable, stable platform on which your team can refine their workflows. All our security services are designed to protect the integrity of your systems, minimize downtime, and never get in your team’s way.

Making sure your network is safe and defended is a different process than just remaining compliant with industry regulations. While both are critical for your business success, we treat them differently. Be Structured supplies network security and compliance solutions through one of our trusted partner service providers based on your unique needs.

When partnering with another service provider, Be Structured fosters relationships built on trust and grounded in solid track records. We also remain your single point of contact to streamline your IT platform.

Cloud Services

Many IT providers claim the cloud is the answer to all your IT needs. At Be Structured, we take a slightly different approach. In our experience, cloud computing resources are really just another tool that only works best when you have experts managing and leveraging your services. The advantages offered by a cloud platform are real, but we only recommend you migrate data and applications to the cloud if doing so will genuinely benefit your business.

If together we decide the cloud is an ideal platform for your business, we have a variety of options we can explore. One of the most popular choices is a hybrid cloud environment. A hybrid cloud solution combines private and public cloud resources, allowing you to stipulate which services are hosted where, as well as how your cloud infrastructure is managed and secured. If you work in a regulated industry, a hybrid cloud could be the best solution.

Disaster Recovery

What strategies does your organization have in place to get your network back up and running following a disaster? As businesses become increasingly dependent on reliable networks for day-to-day success, having a concrete answer to this question is more important than ever. When you partner with Be Structured to develop a disaster recovery platform, we work with every department of your business, including sales, operations, and C-level managers, to build a practical plan for how mission-critical systems can be restored as quickly as possible, even after a worst-case scenario occurs.

Nearly 60 percent of businesses go out of business within six months of a network security breach. With disaster recovery and business continuity plans from Be Structured, you don’t have to worry about mission-critical data loss or extended business downtime. Whether you experience a natural disaster or a cyberattack, our disaster recovery solutions prepare your business for just about any threat you may encounter. After collaborating with your organization and performing a comprehensive risk assessment, our experts build a continuity and recovery plan around the systems your team relies on most.

Once our team has gained a deeper understanding of your business’s workflows, we develop your holistic business continuity plan. By accounting for everything from facility operations to your VoIP service, we can accurately predict recovery times for all your critical systems following an incident. Our solutions prioritize redundancy, so you always have the latest versions of data backups. If anything happens to your original data, a simple reroute is frequently all it takes to get your business back up and running sooner than you thought possible.

Take Control of Your Technology

If you’re in Universal City and you’re ready to take control of your technology, contact the team at Be Structured. We work with you to understand your goals for the future, so we can develop a technology platform that covers everything from ongoing maintenance and support services to network integration and disaster recovery. When you partner with Be Structured, we elevate your network solutions to drive business growth.