Chad Lauterbach Biography

The Early Days

Chad Lauterbach got his start in IT and technology at a very early age. He had computers both at school and at home when he was young. He enjoyed taking things apart and putting them back together. Early on he learned some BASIC coding on an old Commodore computer and worked with his teachers in the Apple computer labs. He got his first part-time professional opportunity at 14 years old when over the summer he worked as an Intern at a life insurance company. They had a mixed AS/400 and Novel setup with Windows workstations. Then in high school, he got to work on an early Microsoft NT 4.0 roll-out at Mayo Clinic and Hospital in Scottsdale Arizona on the evenings and weekends. This early experience gave him a young start on his journey to being an IT professional.

Chad Lauterbach – Still A Tech At Heart

Be Structured is unique in that our CEO is still extremely involved and passionate about the technology our team and clients use. Today, it helps him take high-level business requirements and make sure they are truly delivered down to the configuration level.

Chad Lauterbach’s Early Career

Chad Lauterbach got his first full-time job at Pacific Logistics, a logistics company, as an IT Manager when it was still in its early days. He built most of the early IT environment from the ground off before setting off for a healthcare startup called Arete Sleep Health and literally built the entire environment and team from scratch. Other opportunities presented themselves along the way, including chances to do consulting work with small shops on nights and weekends. Chad started to see a big need for smaller firms, sub-500 people, to have access to high-quality IT support and IT department-style resources without the spending that is required.

Chad Lauterbach Starts Be Structured Technology Group

In 2007 Chad Lauterbach finally set off to form Be Structured. Initially starting as a traditional break-fix, IT Support company Chad quickly saw the industry moving to a Managed IT Services Provider model and away from break-fix. In the early days of Be Structured, one of the constant challenges was working with customers to address issues and aging hardware before becoming an issue pro-actively, not after becoming an emergency. The fixed fee MSP model allowed us to pivot to provide the pro-active support our clients needed at a price they could afford.

Chad Lauterbach Takes BSTG To The Next Level

Be Structured has been lucky to experience consistent growth over the years. With a five-star review on Google and many happy customers, we are grateful for the position we find ourselves in within the competitive IT Service space in Los Angeles. Now with thousands of endpoints, over 20 employees, a fantastic office in downtown Los Angeles, data center services, we are a one-stop-shop for our client’s IT needs. Recently we have been expanding into security services with a SOCaaS and compliance manager on our team ready to manage our Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP) needs as well as a practice of moving many of our clients to full Azure/WVD setups