If outdated technology is slowing your operation, the team at Be Structured Technology Group has hands-on experience as one of the leading outsourced tech support companies in Los Angeles for helping transportation and freight companies turn IT into their most valuable asset.

Streamline Your Supply Chain

When you partner with Be Structured for your local IT support needs, our goal is to drive efficiency at every level of your logistics platform. Whether you’re shipping small packages across the globe or truckloads across the nation, our team can ensure your business has the tools to succeed.

We can work with you on everything from finding an ideal software solution for your operations to building a robust network from the ground up.

With Be Structured on your side, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that technology will never slow your team down again.

Real-Time Tracking

In today’s world, your customers expect immediate results. Give them the real-time feedback they want with real-time tracking capabilities. You and your team will have access to a comprehensive shipment-tracking platform that keeps all stakeholders on the same page. With Be Structured, your customers won’t have to ask, “Where’s my shipment?” They’ll be able to see for themselves with a tracking platform designed to maximize customer engagement.

We also have hands-on experience designing and deploying global positioning system (GPS) platforms that allow you to track your most valuable assets, such as shipping containers, trailers, and trucks, from anywhere in the world.

Managed IT Services For The Transportation Industry.

Be Structured ensures technology never slows your business again.

With Be Structured as your managed IT services Los Angeles partner, we can oversee any aspect of your business’s technology needs.

From IT security Los Angeles solutions to deploying a cloud network, our team has hands-on experience ensuring you’re using technology to prepare for the challenges of tomorrow.

Some of our most popular Los Angeles IT services include:

Cloud Services

With a team that’s always on the go, a cloud solution offers the flexibility to keep up with them wherever they are. A cloud platform allows your organization access to mission-critical data from anywhere with an internet connection.

At Be Structured, we understand that selecting the right cloud platform for your needs can be a challenging decision. With the possibilities of a private or hybrid cloud, cloud solutions rarely look alike.

We work with you to understand your unique workflows and specific goals to develop a cloud platform that aligns with your needs. Our options include:

Private Cloud

  • More customizable options
  • Tighter resource management

Public Cloud

  • Scalable computing power
  • Minimal upfront hardware costs

Hybrid Cloud

With a hybrid cloud model, your organization can enjoy the benefits of a private and public cloud while leveraging against any downsides. A hybrid cloud offers next-level flexibility by balancing local and off-site resources based on your needs. You can store your most sensitive data with on-premise resources, and your excess information can run more efficiently from a public data center.

IP Surveillance and Access Control

With Be Structured, you can expand your security platform to prepare for the challenges of the 21st century. We develop and deploy IP camera surveillance systems to keep your facility protected while saving you time and money. With IP surveillance, you can enjoy improved image quality, scalable storage, powerful search features, and a unified security solution that meshes seamlessly with your existing network.

Our IP access control solutions pair excellently with our IP surveillance systems. IP access control ties in to your network to manage and audit facility access points.

An IP access control platform allows you to add, modify, and track user access privileges in real time from anywhere in the world.

By unifying IP surveillance and access control, your organization can maximize the security at your facility while keeping employees, customers, and critical assets more protected than ever before.

IT Support Los Angeles

By delivering the latest developments in transportation tracking, facility security, and IT solutions, Be Structured is your single source for all of your technology needs.

Get in touch with our team today and we’ll discuss your vision for the future.

From there, our team works closely with your team to develop and deploy a comprehensive IT solution around your goals and needs.