For some organizations, hiring a full-time executive employee that solely focuses on IT isn’t always ideal. Fortunately, a virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO) performs the same functions as a traditional CIO; with the help of an expert from one of LA’s top IT consulting companies and providers, your business can make strategic decisions and focus on business goals. Be Structured Technology Group provides quality IT consulting services and the expertise of top-level employees to help your business grow and succeed.

Top-Level IT Experts Dedicated to Your Business

Our IT consulting services keep you on track to achieve your business goals. Our consulting services are different from other IT companies in LA; we don’t assign a junior-level employee to be a vCIO. When you invest in all-inclusive managed IT services with Be Structured, a c-level employee / IT consultant will be the one doing all of the consulting. When you receive consulting from us, you’re working with someone with high-level engineering knowledge and someone with business acumen.

There are several benefits to utilizing a virtual CIO as opposed to hiring someone in-house.

  • Predictable technology budgets
  • Decreased operating costs and improved productivity
  • vCIO’s analyze and report findings and recommendations
  • Security, business continuity, disaster recovery, and compliance
  • Increased revenue with a vCIO working to improve your bottom line

Some companies offer a one-size-fits-all solution for your IT needs, not Be Structured. We aim to understand your needs and desires as soon as we start working with you to customize our services to fit your unique needs. For example, one aspect of IT consulting services is coming to your office and ensuring all technology is functioning properly. Whether it makes sense for us to come out every quarter, bi-annually, or annually, we will cater to your needs and determine a plan that makes sense.

Virtual CIO Services

A virtual CIO performs many of the same duties that an in-house IT executive would, all while ensuring that your strategic IT objectives align with your organization’s objectives.

  • Planning and developing your IT infrastructure roadmap, assistance with IT strategies, and IT budgeting
  • Assistance with the maintenance and development of a strategic IT plan
  • Examination and IT audit consultation, including how to respond to IT-related questions
  • Disaster recovery planning

Our comprehensive managed services and virtual chief information officer services set your business up for success.

How Much Would Hiring a CIO Cost?

Put your budget to work by using Be Structured’s vCIO services to help plan for your future.

Set Your Business Up for Success With IT Consulting/vCIO Services From Be Structured

At Be Structured, we’re always doing one better in our quest to be among the top IT consulting firms in LA and throughout the country. We care about your long-term business objectives. That’s why we customize our consulting services to fit the needs of each client. A dedicated vCIO will cater to your business needs, help you with strategic IT planning, and more. For quality, IT consulting, and vCIO services, contact Be Structured.