With Be Structured’s team of IT consulting experts in Los Angeles, we prioritize network security so your team can stay focused on business growth. 

Your team understands the key points of your business that no one else can do, so it makes sense for you to focus on these points while we take care of your cyber security. 

We provide antivirus and antimalware security solutions designed to protect your business from threats, both internal and external, while also ensuring that your network security is operating at peak efficiency. 

For our managed IT services clients we also provide Security information and event management (SIEM) services with more advanced endpoint and network protection including a 24×7 Security Operations Center (SOC).

Our Comprehensive Cybersecurity Outlook

If your organization depends on your network for day-to-day operations, you can’t afford the downtime caused by a data breach. Even if you’re not completely dependent on your network for your business to function, you still have sensitive data that must be protected. Data breaches can quickly lead to a number of horrible situations:

Revenue loss – Time truly is money, and any time your business isn’t operating at peak efficiency, you’re losing money. When your network is down, even if it doesn’t affect your immediate revenue stream, your team is still unable to work at their same speed. 

Your marketing team may not be able to access graphics or your research team may not be able to pull up past studies. While you’re not losing actual money because of this, you are losing time, and that can be just as important.

Missed opportunities – Few other companies are going to want to partner with someone who doesn’t have a secured network

If you’re dealing with a data breach or other cyber attack and word gets out to your current and potential business partners, you may lose those partnerships. In fact, many companies these days are requiring their third parties to meet certain security requirements before they will even do business with them. 

Trying to hide the fact that you’ve fallen victim to an attack is even worse, though, because that information may eventually get out. Then you appear untrustworthy and unprepared to protect sensitive data, which is even worse.

Damaged reputation – Besides damaging your reputation with other businesses, a data breach damages your overall public image. Clients may no longer want to work with you, especially if some of their personal information was stolen during the breach. 

Potential customers may look to one of your competitors, while current customers may be very leery of continuing to work with you. In the end, this damage can be even worse than any immediate loss. 

Even if no data was stolen, when people learn that your network security was breached, they may not trust that you will be fully prepared to deal with future cyberattacks more successfully.

Noncompliance penalties – Depending on what industry you’re in, you’re likely to face noncompliance fees if you’ve been hacked and it can be shown that your system didn’t meet the required guidelines for security. 

These fees can be quite costly, too, and can leave your business in dire financial shape.

Lawsuits – Customers who have lost their private information due to a security breach may contemplate suing your company, especially if there’s proof that you were not prepared or did not have a security program that met industry standards or requirements.

All of these situations often occur together. When you add lawsuits on top of noncompliance fees, loss of revenue, and the damage done to your company’s reputation, it can be almost impossible to recover. 

Your company may simply not have the financial resources to cover all of these fines plus rebuild its security and absorb the loss of business partners and customers. Even those that can recover often have to scale back potential expansion plans for years.

The best way to keep your business protected is with a team of business IT services and security experts overseeing your network defenses. 

At Be Structured, we have the hands-on experience and skills to deploy and continually refine a security platform customized to your network and around your operations. 

We have years of experience at creating network security platforms for a wide variety of sectors. 

We take into account all of the required industry regulations plus cyber security best practices to build a system that not only meets all guidelines necessary but goes above and beyond them. 

Your team can stay focused on what you do best while we handle everything related to security.

At Be Structured, we understand that no matter the size of your business or the industry in which you operate, your organization is a potential target for cybercriminals. 

It doesn’t matter how large or small your company is or how much sensitive data you have—you can still be a target. In fact, some hackers intentionally target these smaller companies because they don’t have strong security. 

Others target them for practice or just to see if they can break the company’s security. When it comes to viruses and malware, everyone’s a target. An employee may download an infected file or fall for a phishing scam. Anyone can be victims of malware attacks because they’re designed to spread quickly and without specific targets.

That’s why we take the time to develop a robust security solution that continuously monitors your network for threats, such as viruses and malware, at every level. From firewall systems that filter out external threats to access control platforms that keep internal data protected, our IT support goal is to protect your mission-critical data as if it were our own.

And we serve the entire Southern California community. So, whether you need IT support in Hollywood, IT support in Burbank or IT support in Pasadena, we’re here to provide your company the safety and security it deserves. 

Protecting Your Network At Every Level

We pinpoint industry-specific threats to keep you safe from the latest cyber attacks. 

Hackers are constantly changing their methods of attack, and we know we have to evolve with them in order to keep you safe.

We do everything possible to anticipate new methods of attack and proactively develop antivirus and antimalware protections to these attacks while also quickly reacting to new hacks and vulnerabilities. 

Network security isn’t something that can be put in place and never touched again. We’re always looking for ways to improve your network protections at every level, from account security to firewalls to antivirus and antimalware programs. There are threats available at every level and at every entry point into your system, and they all must be protected.

Your computer system is unique to your business. While it may have started out in a fairly standard configuration, it’s changed as you’ve grown. 

Your network is now unlike any other, and that means it needs a unique security platform to protect it. Everything needs to be configured for your specific needs, which is why we build a custom security solution for every client. 

A one-size-fits-all solution may leave some vulnerabilities that could be exploited later or may not be optimized for your system.

Your computer system is unique to your business. While it may have started out in a fairly standard configuration, it’s changed as you’ve grown. 

Your network is now unlike any other, and that means it needs a unique security platform to protect it. Everything needs to be configured for your specific needs, which is why we build a custom security solution for every client. 

A one-size-fits-all solution may leave some vulnerabilities that could be exploited later or may not be optimized for your system.

Our Antivirus And Antimalware Solutions

When you partner with Be Structured, our goal is to bridge the gap between your network and security strategies for a seamless IT solution. 

As part of our comprehensive cybersecurity package, we incorporate the latest in antivirus and antimalware software into your network operations. 

Tired of constant antivirus and antimalware software notifications haranguing your team throughout the workday? 

We take care of all updates, patches, and upgrades during your team’s off hours, so software never slows them down again.

There are a variety of different types of viruses and malware. Many people lump these threats together under the vague concept of malware. That can actually lead to thinking of these types of attacks as less threatening than what they truly are because it’s so undefined. 

Once you understand what types of threats are out there, it’s easier to understand how they can harm your business. Here are some of the most common cyber attacks that fall under the umbrella of malware:

Viruses – While most people think of viruses as something separate, they are definitely a type of malware. Viruses aren’t actually that common anymore, but they are still out there. 

A virus is the only malware that actually infects and damages files. This makes it difficult to deal with them because the actual file has to be cleansed and then repaired.

Ransomware – Ransomware is one of the most dangerous types of malware, and it’s also one that many people don’t know about until they fall victim to it because it is newer than other malware. 

Ransomware infects the entire computer or network and encrypts everything. Users are unable to access their information or even log in. They receive a message that they have to pay to get access to their information, but there’s no guarantee that those who do pay the ransom will have access restored.

Spyware – This type of malware doesn’t do anything immediately malicious, but it does hide in your computer and log everything a person does. This means it copies all of their keystrokes, including their usernames and passwords. This information is then sent to the hacker, giving them access to your network.

Adware – Adware may seem harmless in comparison to some other types of malware, but it’s still dangerous. 

Many pieces of adware contain spyware. Others redirect browsers to phishing webpages in an attempt to learn usernames, passwords, and other account details. 

Adware also tends to greatly slow down computers, especially those that have several pieces of adware on them.

Trojans – Some programs look legitimate, but they hide malicious coding within them. These trojan horse programs are one of the oldest forms of malware, but they’re still used today, and they’re still incredibly dangerous. Some of the best trojans are nearly indistinguishable from legitimate programs and can fool even experienced IT experts. 

Once the trojan is installed, the hidden code activates and begins stealing information, encrypting files, or disabling your security systems.

Fileless Malware – One of the newer and deadlier types of malware is fileless malware. This malware doesn’t infect files or file systems. Instead, it exists in memory or in non-file objects used by the operating system. 

From there, it can infect programs that are running or use operating system tools to do a number of different malicious things. These attacks are more difficult to detect, too, since they’re not in files.

Our antimalware and antivirus solutions are grounded in Webroot and are supported by the built-in Windows Defender platform and for our MSSP customers also include advanced threat detection, windows hardening, a SIEM, and 24×7 SOC. 

No matter how your team uses computers and other network devices, we can customize a security solution around their day-to-day tasks. At the same time, our cybersecurity experts take pride in remaining ahead of the latest security threats and developments to ensure your organization stays one step ahead of cybercriminals. 

Whether you use mostly mobile devices that connect via WiFi, have a wired desktop computer in every office, or use a mixture of the two, we can craft a security solution that keeps everything locked down and secure. These security solutions are designed to evolve with both your company and with new forms of attack so they can quickly be adapted when needed.

As the first part of our cybersecurity development process, we clarify all of your industry-specific threats and operational vulnerabilities. Even if you’ve done this before, it’s important that we audit your security ourselves because we bring a different perspective to it. 

As an outsourced technical support party, we may see things your team hasn’t caught before. We may also find vulnerabilities that have only recently been discovered that your IT team simply hasn’t had the time to learn about yet. 

An outside perspective may find weaknesses in what appears to be even the most secure network.

By pinpointing your network’s strengths and weaknesses, our team is able to solidify any seams in your defenses while optimizing performance. 

From deploying systems that protect your network from ransomware to training your team to identify social engineering tactics used by cybercriminals, Be Structured ensures your team has the tools to stay protected in today’s connected world.

Los Angeles IT Support

If you’re ready to start taking a more proactive approach to network security, the team at Be Structured is here for you. We’ll work with your team to identify security vulnerabilities and deploy holistic solutions, all while overseeing updates, upgrades, and monitoring. 

With Be Structured, your team can get back to business with the confidence that your network is in the hands of security experts. Plus, our antimalware and antivirus solutions pair perfectly with our other managed services, so we can be the single source for all of your organization’s IT needs. 

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