Communication Is Key To Your Success

The way your employees and colleagues communicate with each other and the outside world dictates how your entire business operates. Effective lines of communication will often make the difference between success and failure. With the available advantages of technology today, you have to take every chance you can get to advance the capabilities of your business. One of the ways that Be Structured Technology Group Inc., will improve your overall operations is with our business VoIP solutions.

We have partnered with the VoIP service provider, Jive owned by Log Me In, to deliver effective and advanced phone services to our customers. Our services are able to equip your business with capabilities like video conferencing and larger conferencing that reaches across the country. Be Structured has the ability to interface with many types of hardware and communication applications as well for a seamless transition.

Business Phone Systems Offer Many Benefits.

Allow Be Structured to enhance your operations today.

A Feature-Rich Strategy

A hosted VoIP service is a cloud-based phone system that relies on either a private network or an internet connection rather than traditional phone lines. These VoIP phone systems offer an array of advantages over the typical phone systems:

  • Mobility: On a VoIP system, your phone number can travel with you from the office to multiple points of contact in the outside world. The number can also transfer from desk to desk when you make a move.
  • Cutting Costs: A business phone system like this will often be less expensive than traditional phone service every month. In addition, long-distance phone calls won’t you cost extra on a VoIP system.
  • Productive: Our hosted VoIP solutions have features including multiple ways to interface with your colleagues and clients. There will no longer be the confusion of dropped calls or shaky connections. Features like video conferencing and screen-sharing will make your interactions more productive as well.
  • Opportunity: One of the biggest hurdles in customer service is effective communication. Dropped calls or long waits are missed opportunities for businesses. VoIP phone systems have features like auto attendant and unique call routing that will dynamically manage your call waiting so that no caller is waiting too long or goes unnoticed. This will make your customer communication more efficient overall.

Let Us Optimize Your Communications

The special ingredient that makes the difference between poor and effective communications is the infrastructure that supports your systems. We partner with a hosting service provider, but our experts are the technicians that will be putting your system into place. A hosted VoIP provider in Los Angeles CA, Be Structured has over ten years of experience implementing for businesses and are top experts.

One of our primary missions has always been to make your technology work for you rather than stand in your way. We will upgrade your phone systems to an industry-leading standard and at a minimal cost that will fit in your budget.