Be Structured Named an UpCity 2023 Excellence Award Winner

UpCity Excellence Award
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Be Structured Technology Group is proud to be named by UpCity as an 2023 Excellence Award winner in the prestigious category of best Los Angeles managed service provider.

Every year, the world-renowned directory, UpCity, uses a proprietary, data-driven model to identify the very best IT services in Los Angeles. 

The award recognizes those few Los Angeles IT support companies who exceed in such important categories as helpfulness, credibility and trustworthiness.

“Be Structured Technology Group exemplifies every one of these qualities,” the company’s award committee wrote in its award certification letter. “UpCity honors the B2B managed service providers who are the best of the best, as measured by their UpCity Recommendability Rating.”

What Is the UpCity Recommendability Rating

The UpCity Recommendability Rating is an assessment of how recommendable an IT support company is in comparison to the other managed service providers in their category. 

This rating is derived from a proprietary algorithm designed to help business owners find a trustworthy partner that is best suited to help their business succeed.

In total, only 184 providers in the United States, Canada, Australia, and the UK met or exceeded the qualifying rating to earn a National Excellence Award, the highest honor UpCity gives out over the course of the year. 

Additionally, there are 713 Local Excellence winners in and around the major metropolitan areas of the U.S. and Canada.

How the UpCity Recommendability Rating Is Determined

UpCity has devised an exclusive algorithm that harnesses digital signals to evaluate the credibility and trustworthiness of each of our esteemed Certified Partners. 

This algorithm forms the foundation for calculating the UpCity Recommendability Rating, which assesses the level of recommendability of a service provider in comparison to others. By analyzing a wide array of data points, we aim to assist business owners in finding the most suitable and trustworthy partner.

The Recommendability Rating of a managed service provider serves as a guiding tool for us to rank and recommend the top service providers in each local market and across the nation. 

They strive to provide businesses with a reliable resource that aids them in selecting the perfect partner for their needs.

It is important to note that Recommendability Ratings cannot be acquired through monetary means. Instead, they are determined solely by factors that significantly impact a service provider’s level of recommendability.

To calculate the UpCity Recommendability Rating, eight key factors are considered which encompass information derived from both the UpCity community and external sources:

UpCity Profile Completion

 With over 50,000 provider profiles listed on UpCity, focusing on nearly 40 data points for each provider. These encompass details such as services offered, target markets, price points, and more.

UpCity Engagement

Businesses rely on UpCity to discover trustworthy providers. By actively engaging with their community, including recruiting and responding to reviews, and maintaining an up-to-date profile, outsourced tech support companies can demonstrate their commitment to ensuring a positive experience for businesses.

UpCity Reviews

The reviews on UpCity offer a comprehensive view of how an IT support company’s customers perceive them and their services. They serve as a crucial element in determining the likelihood of UpCity recommending a provider to businesses seeking services. Both the quantity and quality of reviews are taken into account.

  • Google Reviews

The reviews collected on Google My Business also contribute to UpCity’s assessment of an MSP. Both the quantity and quality of these reviews when calculating the Recommendability Rating.

  • Presence in Search Engines

This signal evaluates the prominence of a service provider in search engine rankings, serving as an indicator of overall authority and domain expertise. To gauge this, UpCity tracks over 56,000 industry keywords to identify providers excelling in their respective industries and geographic regions.

  • Location Consistency

UpCity verifies that the contact information listed on Google Business Profile aligns with the service provider’s details on UpCity. Ensuring listing accuracy is vital, as Google relies on it to determine the trustworthiness of local business search results.

  • Domain Authority

UpCity employs a trusted domain authority metric to predict the level of authority a provider’s domain holds in the eyes of Google and other entities. This metric is then statistically normalized across our community.

  • Website Speed & Experience

The speed and user experience of a service provider’s website can significantly impact a prospect’s initial impression of the business. Tools like Google’s PageSpeed scoring can offer valuable insights to businesses on how to improve these aspects.

How the UpCity Recommendability Rating Benefits Businesses in Finding the Ideal Partner

While the UpCity Recommendability Rating draws on information provided by managed IT services in Los Angeles, businesses, and public and third-party sources, it should not be the sole basis for making a purchasing decision. 

Instead, it serves as an accurate assessment of a managed service provider’s credibility, complementing other available information such as client reviews and testimonials, industry endorsements, and peer recommendations.

The rating system helps identify service providers that consistently deliver reliable, high-quality services to their clients. The ultimate goal is to provide business owners with peace of mind, ensuring they partner with someone they can trust with their business.

It is important to emphasize that the UpCity Recommendability Rating cannot be influenced through monetary means. Their rating factors solely rely on elements of a service provider that directly impact businesses and potential clients. UpCity does not offer the option for any provider to purchase a higher preferred rating.

Furthermore, the directory continuously refines and improves its rating algorithm. They actively listen to feedback from businesses seeking services on UpCity, as well as from the service providers represented in the community. This collaborative approach allows UpCity to continually develop and iterate their model, ensuring its accuracy and relevance since its inception.

The UpCity Recommendability Rating serves as a robust tool that combines data-driven insights with user feedback, empowering businesses to find the right partner with confidence.

Be Structured is proud to have been chosen as an UpCity Excellence organization for the category of IT support companies in the Los Angeles area for 2023. 


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