Selecting The Best Hybrid Cloud Architecture

A professional, pointing to their laptop, explaining the hybrid cloud model to a coworkerThe cloud is often sold as the one-stop-shop for curing all the woes of your struggles. Be Structured Technology Group Inc. understands that cloud computing resources are really just another tool that only works best when you have experts managing your services. The benefits of cloud infrastructure as a service are very real, but we only recommend the services that will improve your operations.

There are a lot of options when it comes to cloud computing. One of the most popular choices is a hybrid cloud model. This is a combination of private and public cloud resources, that allows you to dictate which services go where and how the entire cloud infrastructure is arranged. This public / private cloud platform enables you to get the best aspects of all the cloud models and not have to worry about the weaknesses.

Get the Best of Both Strategies

Selecting the right cloud platform for your business and its functions can be a challenging decision. There are benefits to both private and public cloud services as well as limitations on both sides. It is crucial to know the pros and cons when selecting your cloud services. Be Structured will assess your situation and make the best recommendations for your business.
Military Image 2 Get the Best of Both Strategies
Private Cloud:

  • More customizable options
  • Tighter control over management style

Public Cloud:

  • Greater Computing power
  • Less upfront hardware costs

A hybrid, IAAS cloud model allows you to get all of these benefits while avoiding the disadvantages like lack of control over public clouds and the heavier upfront costs of a fully private environment. A hybrid cloud offers a lot of versatility and several different setup options. In general, it consists of local and off-site resources. We will work with you to select the best place for your different information to be stored. The most sensitive data can stay with on-premise resources, and your bulk information can run more efficiently on a public data center. All of the cloud options offer powerful data security, but private models are the strongest.

A Good Place To Start

Military Image 3 A Good Place To StartDespite all of its benefits, there are still many people that are holding out against the cloud. The hybrid model is the perfect place to dip your toes into the cloud. You will see the cost-effective values and the benefits of the management tools. Once you have seen the power of the cloud, we are convinced you won’t want to go back. Be Structured offers a variety of cloud configurations to help you find the best infrastructure to optimize your operations.