Exceptional Beginnings

Chad Becker got his start in IT after he graduated from Baylor University. He set out on his entrepreneurial journey with a few friends and helped found an advertising agency startup. With rapid growth and few people looking after the IT side of things, Chad Becker took on this challenge to assist with the scale and support of the enterprise. His experiences during these formative years launched his passions for problem-solving and protecting the IT backbone of small and medium-sized businesses. After that wild ride and taking the company public multiple times, Chad Becker decided to head back to school to pursue another passion and completed his Masters in Divinity at Fuller Seminary in Pasadena, California. Four children and fifteen years later, after serving in various roles at a church called Mosaic in Los Angeles, Chad Becker returned to his initial calling: IT Support and Information Technology.

Chad Becker Joins Be Structured Technology Group

In 2015 Chad Becker joined Be Structured. Initially, he started as the Director of Operations and Finance and, in 2019, moved to the CRO/CFO position. Combining his passion for people, problem-solving, and good IT infrastructure and security, Chad has found the perfect fit to assist both our internal team with business processes and the clients we serve with the best technology alignment possible.

Chad Becker Elevates BSTG’s Client Experience

Be Structured is lucky to have an IT professional who focuses on client goals and business optimization with the amount of care and dedication that Chad Becker provides. He is an entrepreneur who helps other entrepreneurs efficiently manage their workspaces, devices, security, and data storage to run profitable businesses. His primary focus is not only meeting client needs but exceeding them with exceptional customer service and support. A professional problem solver – Chad loves decoding the IT hurdles that seem impossible to you. He believes your business – and IT – is worth the investment.