At Be Structured, we develop and deliver managed IT services that are optimized for your day-to-day business operations.

IT Outsourcing For Your Firm

At Be Structured, we understand how critical your network platform is to your firm’s daily operations. Chances are, your team doesn’t have the time or resources to prioritize your computer network. Fortunately, the team at Be Structured does. When you partner with Be Structured, you can stay focused on daily operations with the peace of mind that your technology will continue working for you.

From cloud solutions and disaster recovery to IT access controls, our team has the hands-on experience to deploy a customized solution built around your unique goals. At the same time, we don’t just design and install solutions; we deliver around-the-clock support to ensure your system continues working for you, especially when you need it most.

CAD Solutions

If you’ve encountered problems with your CAD software systems in the past, you understand how software issues can bring your operations to a halt. At Be Structured, our team has extensive experience working with popular CAD software platforms such as AutoCAD, Autodesk Revit, and ArchiCAD to ensure your software is just as reliable as your network.

In the event of a software disruption, your team doesn’t have time to troubleshoot the problem before it leads to downtime. When you partner with Be Structured, our team specializes in streamlining your software platform—even if you use multiple CAD systems—so we can develop and deploy a resolution as quickly and cost-effectively as possible. Paired with our managed IT service offerings, our team takes the time to understand your network operations and workflows from the inside out. This personalized approach means you get industry-leading solutions and support optimized for your network.

IT Solutions Built For Your Architecture Firm.

Be Structured gives your firm the technology you need to support your business and your team.

Managed IT Solutions

With Be Structured as your managed IT partner, we have the expertise to oversee any aspect of your business’s technology goals. From developing a hybrid cloud network to designing and installing a network from the ground up, our team specializes in giving your organization the tools necessary for the challenges of tomorrow. Some of our most popular IT solutions include:

Cloud Services

In the architecture industry, your work can take you anywhere. A comprehensive cloud solution from Be Structured delivers the adaptability your team needs to access mission-critical software and data no matter where work takes them. By migrating your operations to the cloud, you can experience next-level security with on-demand scalability that ensures technology never slows your team down.

At Be Structured, we understand that selecting the right cloud platform for your needs can be a challenging decision. At the same time, cloud technology offers many possibilities, and it’s critical to have a team of experts leveraging those possibilities to ensure you’re maximizing your potential on the cloud. At Be Structured, we work with you to understand your unique workflows and specific goals to develop a cloud strategy that’s optimized for your firm. Our options include:

Private Cloud

  • Increased control over resource management
  • The ability to deploy in-house security strategies

Public Cloud

  • Scalable computing power
  • Minimal upfront infrastructure costs

Hybrid Cloud

With a hybrid cloud platform, your firm can experience the benefits of a private and public cloud while leveraging against any potential disadvantages. A hybrid cloud offers the latest customization capabilities by balancing local and off-site resources based on your needs. You can store your most critical data with your on-site or hosted private cloud resources, while bulk data and applications can run more efficiently from a public data center.

Network Installations

Your network infrastructure is a critical aspect of your overall operations. With Be Structured, we design and install a network from the ground up to guarantee the stability, resilience, and flexibility required to ready you for the future. Be Structured won’t simply run your network cabling and set up your network. Our structured cabling services and network installation are designed and customized to suit your workflows and your physical space. At the same time, our networking services always leave room for upgrades and additions later on, so you’re prepared for growth.

Los Angeles IT Support

If you’re ready to experience how much more your IT partner can do to elevate your technology platform, contact the experts at Be Structured today. We’ll work with you to understand your day-to-day operations, clarify your goals, and develop a customized solution around these insights, so your team has the tools for success.