Managed IT Services for Your Los Angeles Business

Your business is always open to security threats. 

As these threats become more common and sophisticated, there’s a greater risk that your security measures will be overpowered by cyberattacks. This is why it makes sense to partner up with a seasoned Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP) – one such as the Be Structured Technology Group.

What Does a Managed Service Provider Actually Provide?

In general, an MSSP assists with professional management and monitoring of your security program, helping to protect all hardware and data in the process. 

As one of the leading companies that provides managed IT services in Los Angeles, Be Structured takes great care in offering a comprehensive security package. Our MSSP approach features the implementation, configuration, and supervision of the following technologies in additional our all-inclusive managed services features:

In an effort to be the best MSSP around, we also incorporate a range of services. 

These include:

  • Management of all security systems
  • Log monitoring
  • Device management
  • Solution research and implementation
  • Audits and reports
  • Consultancy services
  • Training and education
  • Completing security updates

When all of these aspects are combined as part of our MSSP approach, you receive a strong level of security that ensures your business avoids falling victim to malicious activities. As the leading managed service provider in Los Angeles and surrounding cities, Be Structured will take into account your current security system, add an extra layer of protection, continually monitor the changing landscape and remain informed and prepared regarding the latest cyber threats.

How MSSP Differs From MSP

As the name suggests, an Managed Services Provider (MSP) has distinct commonalities with an MSSP. This can cause confusion. Add in the fact MSPs have existed in some form for over 20 years, and people will inevitably question why an MSSP – which has only gained prevalence in recent times – exists in the first place.

The clue is in the extra “S.” The “Security” portion of an MSSP spotlights how it provides a greater focus on keeping a business safe compared with an MSP. While an MSP tends to include security services, it’s part of a general package. An MSSP, however, is entirely concentrated on security. This is evidenced by the aforementioned list of security services we supply.

This isn’t the only difference, either. An MSP often forms a network operation center (NOC). Via this NOC, they can control and monitor customer operations. An MSSP, on the other hand, will typically create a security operations center (SOC). This SOC is in place to protect the entire IT infrastructure, such as the databases, servers, applications, networks, and so on.

As one of the most resourceful IT support companies in Los Angeles, Be Structured is both an MSSP and an MSP. If your company is one that requires both services, you can outsource to us, and everything will be kept under one roof. It’s a win-win.

The Benefits of Working with an MSSP

When you utilize Be Structured as your MSSP, you will instantly receive a host of benefits for your business. Also, don’t think these advantages are only focused on the security side of things. You can profit in various other ways, too, as the following points will help illustrate.

Access to expertise and unique tools

When you hire outsourced tech support companies, you naturally expect to receive their expertise and advanced tools in return. This is particularly the case when selecting Be Structured as your MSSP.

When it comes to business security, it always pays to get expert knowledge and assistance on your side. One wrong move, one lapse in your security measures, can ultimately decimate the entire structure of your company. Yet this can often be overlooked, with some business owners thinking ‘a cyberattack won’t happen to us’ and believing their in-house security is already good enough.

If you feel the same way, answer the following questions. 

  • Does your IT department possess cybersecurity expertise? 
  • Do your employees know all about the latest technologies, techniques, and developments in the security sphere? 

Chances are, you won’t be able to give positive responses to those questions. Trying to find dedicated and experienced IT security employees is not only challenging, but they’re also an expensive hire. The reason for this is due to IT security being such a unique area of expertise, one that demands incessant retraining and education.

With Be Structured, you instantly gain the sweeping knowledge and proficiency of the best business IT support Los Angeles has to offer. Not only can you be confident that a security expert is keeping all of your business data protected, but you also receive access to the best technology and cybersecurity solutions on the market when you get your IT services outsourced in Los Angeles.

Stay on top of any cybersecurity threats

Expanding on the previous point, the average IT team rarely has the time to stay up to date with all of the latest cybersecurity developments. They may fail to identify the best firewalls for the current generation of threats, keep current systems updated, or learn about the newest malicious software doing the rounds.

When you use us as your MSSP, remember that it’s our job to stay on top of the latest developments. We always identify the newest threats, ensure software features all current updates, pick the right firewalls, etc. This means a lot of work is taken out of your hands, and your business remains safe from vulnerabilities and compromised security.

More time to focus on other areas of your business

When you partner up with an MSSP, this frees your business up from security-related commitments. There’s no need to constantly monitor your security systems, educate employees, complete firewall updates, etc when you partner with Be Structured, the leading outsourced IT support service in Los Angeles and surrounding cities.

The result:  Your IT department can focus on other areas of your business. 

Rather than using resources to keep your business data and finances safe, your IT team can spend more time bringing money into your company. They can develop new services, optimize your network, produce business roadmaps, support other departments, and more.

Reduce costs

When in the market for an MSSP, there’s one negative point that might scare you off from committing: the cost. However, you have to look at it from a different point of view. When you enlist an MSSP, you’re going to save money in many areas. 

Here are just a few:

  • Save money on employees: When you incorporate our know-how into your security plan, you no longer need to think about hiring a full-time security professional. Furthermore, you can even cut down your current IT team.
  • Reduce training costs: When you utilize our security services, there’s no requirement to train your employees. They don’t have to constantly stay up to date with the latest threats and security procedures. Our expert team can cover the gaps.
  • Fewer unexpected expenses: When you run everything in-house, there’s always the chance of new guidelines or regulations being sprung on you unexpectedly. These guidelines can cause you to change software systems or train employees, which will bring about added expenses and strain on your internal IT team. An MSSP can more efficiently take care of these types of changes and compliance issues to make sure you’re in compliance, provide evidence to your customers, and assist with your third party audits.
  • Lower investment costs: There’s no need to purchase expensive hardware or software applications, or even employ a cybersecurity expert. With an MSSP, you gain access to all the expertise and equipment you could need, which lowers your investment costs.


As our MSSP option follows a per user subscription model, it’s incredibly easy to scale this element up or down. Rather than significantly altering the IT infrastructure one way or the other, you just let us know your requirements. Do you require extra capacity on a temporary basis? Perhaps you need to scale back your current plan? Whatever the case is, the scalable nature of an MSSP further adds to its appeal.

Constant monitoring and fast response times

We operate on a 24/7 schedule, 365 days a year. This means we’re available to monitor your security constantly and answer any inquiries you may have. Could you imagine the cost of trying to have your in-house IT team running 24 hours a day? Along with fast response times, we always strive to supply the right solution to any issues you might come across.

This is supported by our Service Level Agreement. With an SLA, you’ll find guidelines about our response times to incidents. In addition, it will contain information about our guarantees if a security breach does occur.

Your IT Consulting Los Angeles Experts

When it comes to security, this is an aspect of your business you don’t want to overlook or second-guess. Unless you have the finances to afford a dedicated in-house security team, it’s important you partner with an expert IT security provider.

This is why it makes perfect sense to team up with Be Structured. You can be assured we feature the finest MSSP option available. Our IT services in Los Angeles also stretch to everything from cloud migration services to hardware network installation.

Are you ready to revitalize your security platform? Contact the team at Be Structured, the best outsourced IT services Los Angeles has to offer, today, and we can start protecting your business from the latest cyber threats. Contact Be Structured today for a free estimate to get you up and running.


People Also Ask

What are managed service provider companies?

A managed services provider (MSP) is an outsourced IT support company that manages a business’s technology, network and security remotely. 

Why do people buy managed services?

Having a third-party IT support team allows the company to focus on building their brand and customer database. This saves the company from the time and money spent on hiring, training and managing an in-house IT staff.

What is MSP example?

A good outsourced Los Angeles IT support team will a multitude of services including:

  • Network setup and support
  • Data center management
  • Infrustructure support
  • Backup and data recovery
  • Security support and cyber threat prevention

How does an MSP work?

An expert MSP in Los Angeles will act as your internal tech support team even though the tech workers work remotely. The MSP should monitor your network 24/7 and always be on the lookout for prevention and protection from cyber attacks and other data breach threats.