VoIP Business Services: How VoIP Can Streamline Business Communication

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Did you know that 16% of businesses hire exclusively remote workers? Not only that, but 18% of Americans work from home full-time. The workforce is rapidly moving towards a remote model, and your business needs to adapt alongside this change. VoIP business services help to make your business more flexible, scalable, and remote. But what are these services? What are their benefits?

Read on to answer these questions and learn how IT support Los Angeles computer services can help you implement VoIP communications.

What Are VoIP Business Services?

VoIP is a common acronym that stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol. This term refers to a system in which business phone calls take place online. They generally are connected to a broadband internet connection, which makes them distinct from the physical landlines that traditional businesses have used for decades.

VoIP systems take your voice and convert it into very small packets of information. These packets can be transmitted online rather than relying on regular phone lines.

This online transmission is extremely quick because of your high network speed. The packet arrives at the destination even more quickly than your voice would be transmitted via an analog landline connection. Because of its speed and quality, your voice will be clearer when the packet is automatically unpacked.

Increase Remote Work Capabilities

About 78% of American employees prefer remote work. They would be more likely to stay with their current workplace if they were able to work from different locations. Additionally, 95% of workers want schedule flexibility.

Offering remote positions keep your business a competitive place to work. It also inspires loyalty from those you employ since they will feel that their time is valued. People will choose to work for companies with hybrid or remote models rather than competitors without these offerings.

The choice is clear: employing remote workers presents opportunities for businesses.

VoIP phone systems are a great choice because any authorized user can access business communications from whatever device they choose. Employees can take work calls on smartphones miles away from the office.

Streamline Phone Communications

Regardless of whether business calls are taking place in your office or states away, VoIP makes communication more efficient. This is because of the call quality that it allows. Those who use VoIP find that their voices are clearer and less garbled when they reach the endpoint.

Similarly, they find that they are better able to hear and understand their interlocutor. This makes communications easier, less frustrating, and less time-consuming since people won’t need to repeat themselves multiple times.

Additionally, higher-quality transmission results in fewer dropped calls. This means shorter hold times. It also means not losing leads because a call dropped before your team can make the sale.

Boost Customer Satisfaction

As you might expect, clearer calls and less dropping make the lives of customers much easier. They don’t want to be on hold for several minutes while you figure out how to improve sound quality. Once calls are dropped, they also are unlikely to want to call (and be placed on hold) again.

In fact, the average consumer will become annoyed around 3-and-a-half minutes in. If the call is important, they’ll only stick around for a few more minutes, hanging up after about 10 minutes and 54 seconds.

Using VoIP services means that your sales team will have more of a chance to make an impact. You’re sure to sell more goods and services to the consumers that have contacted you at the end of the marketing funnel.

You also will be able to provide higher-quality customer service for existing clients. This means higher rates of customer satisfaction, retention, and brand loyalty.

Flexible and Scalable

Using hosted VoIP services is an extremely flexible process because you can quickly add or remove lines. Traditional landlines must be removed manually, which takes time. Professionals will also manually need to add more lines, leaving some employees without the technology they need to best do their jobs until they can.

On the flip side, a VoIP internet phone system can be altered in minutes. Los Angeles IT services can quickly add more VoIP connections to your business. You can also eliminate lines that you do not need to prevent paying for a service you’re not using.

“This means that VoIP doesn’t just save you time during calls; it also prevents maintenance downtime,” explains Chad Lauterbach, CEO of the leading Los Angeles managed service provider, Be Structured Technology Group. “The end result is money saved and fewer frustrated employees.”

Add-Ons and Customization

You also will be able to choose other custom features to streamline your daily operations. VoIP systems often have add-ons including:

  • VoIP texting (via SMS)
  • Sending files/images to other endpoints
  • Video conferencing (with other branches, corporate headquarters, and important clients)
  • Free and reduced-rate international calling (so that you can expand globally)
  • Connection to other applications on the network
  • Call recording for quality and training purposes
  • Voicemail-to-text
  • Text-to-voice (on SMS messages, emails, faxes, etc)
  • Automated faxing

You can pick and choose which of these features you need. Ultimately, the way that you change and grow your communications is up to you. Plus, since you can choose a higher network bandwidth and more VoIP technology, there’s no limit to what you can do.

Setting Up Voice Over Internet Protocol

Setting up VoIP solutions is extremely easy when you choose to work with a reputable Los Angeles IT services provider. Be Structured can make your transition seamless by interfacing with other communication applications.

We also can hook your VoIP systems to hardware throughout your workspace such as traditional-looking phones. This lets you switch your landlines to operate over the web seamlessly.

We also will make the VoIP applications you use accessible to remote workers. This includes those who work remotely some of the time. Both managers and employees will be able to access business communications anytime, anywhere.

Hire a Managed Service Provider in Los Angeles Today

While VoIP business services may sound like a challenge to implement, it’s extremely simple to make the switch. This is especially true when you work with the top IT support LA outsourcing firm.

Now that you know some of the advantages of VoIP, it’s time to discuss your needs with Be Structured. Our team is committed to customer service and high-level technology. Contact our sales team to discuss outsourcing your IT and streamlining your business communications.

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