Network Security and Compliance: Why you need to know the difference

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Taking precautions to defend the integrity of your business’ systems and network is essential to the continued growth of your company. Depending on your industry, it is likely that there is at least one information privacy or security standard that applies to your business. These regulations can come from federal agencies or industry regulatory organizations. Most of these security controls have been put in place to protect the safety of customers, and if your business does not comply, you can face fines, penalties, and legal action.

Being Secure and Being Compliant Are Two Different Things

Many people mistake being compliant with being fully protected. It’s crucial that your business abides by these security policies, but simply remaining compliant does not mean you have entirely secure web security. All of the federal and industry standards are just that, the standard level of security. Your business and your customers deserve more than just the minimum precautions and defenses.

Managing Security Compliance

By partnering with a service provider, like Be Structured, your business will gain access to both network compliance tools and secure computer networking. Ensuring compliance can be a complicated process and requires an in-depth knowledge of all of the appropriate regulations that apply to your industry and business.

As an outsourced managed service provider, we understand the value of receiving assistance from the experts in a given specialty. This is why we have partnered with a trusted network support company to provide compliance testing to our customers. Don’t worry about juggling multiple providers though, we will still operate as your single point of contact for compliance network support.

Taking Network Security To Another Level

The reliability and stability of your network are integral to your day-to-day activities and long-term productivity. Any disruption in your operations could have severe consequences. Downtime spent repairing a breach and restoring services will cause a loss in revenue. If your security is compromised, it could get even worse for your customers. If you run a financial services institution, your customers are trusting you to keep their information protected. Once they are compromised, and you lose their trust, it can be nearly impossible to earn back. A good name is hard to earn, and even harder to restore.

The Security Features Of Managed IT Services

True network security takes a layered approach of multiple levels of onsite technical support. It involves managed support services like 24/7 monitoring, antivirus protection, and intrusion prevention systems (IPS). Our full-time onsite IT support will deliver defenses like this and more to your wireless network devices. Depending on your collaboration structure, we can also work to secure mobile devices and tablets.

The Advantages of Compliance and Network Security

We’ve talked about how these two concepts are different, but your business needs both of them to be well-defended. Be Structured can provide the ideal scenario where you are compliant with appropriate standards and safe from online intrusions. Our services won’t just protect you; they offer advantages to your business operations as well.

  • Peace of Mind: You can rest easy knowing that your systems and network are safe. Running any business is a risk, but it’s a calculated risk we must all take to be successful. With Be Structured, you’ll be able to think and work creatively without the fear of putting yourself at too much risk.
  • Productivity: Continuous uptime will boost your employees’ productivity across the board. One of the biggest productivity killers is a breakdown in communications or technical errors caused by security problems. Without those hurdles in your way, your team can move cohesively to a brighter future.
  • Employee Education: The overall security for your business requires a team effort. Some of the most common online intrusions are caused by an employee unknowingly opening the wrong link or innocently visiting the wrong site. When you start taking more network security precautions, there will be the opportunity to educate your employees on safer practices.

If you are in Los Angeles or Orange County, get in touch with Be Structured today to find out more about how we can help you get a more secure and stable network for your business.

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