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Did you know that only 11% of non-profits consider their applications of technology as highly effective? While other sectors of the economy have rushed to invest in the latest technology, charitable organizations have lagged behind.

Funding is often a reason for this delay in acquiring new technology, and understandably so. Non-profits have very limited funds, as well as many reporting requirements to satisfy donors.

However, this barrier is actually one of the main reasons non-profits should invest in more technology. Investing in technology that supports operations will ultimately lead to less wasted money.

There are a growing number of digital tools that can help non-profits track donors, funds, and outcomes. This will make reporting easier and faster while requiring less overhead, especially if you’re partnering with an outsourced IT support Los Angeles based company.

As more and more organizations come to this realization, they will also need to invest in IT support for non-profits in order to ensure that their technology is put to its most effective and efficient use.

Overview of Technology and Non-Profits

One of the biggest challenges non-profits face is data collection. The longevity of an organization relies on its ability to maintain high levels of transparency, report meticulously on spending, and accurately track outcomes. Reports for funding therefore require that non-profits be extremely organized in the way they manage data.

However, those of you who have worked at non-profits know that this is easier said than done. A lack of centralization and an overstretched workforce make coordination challenging. Data collection often requires a lot of back and forth in communication and clarification.

This leads to another area where technology can support non-profits: communication. This applies to both internal communication between staff, and external communication with clients, volunteers, and potential donors.

Types of Technology That Support Non-Profits

Many non-profits will want to turn to donor management systems designed for organizations that rely on maintaining funding. These systems help you track past and potential donors in a centralized manner. This makes fundraising headaches a thing of the past.

Another form of technology that can support non-profit fundraising is a marketing automation system. It makes the process of managing multifaceted campaigns and marketing initiatives automatic and effortless.

These kinds of programs can help organizations increase their funding. This makes it a worthwhile investment that will come full circle.

Board management software is another digital tool that non-profits can benefit from. This kind of programming supports board members in managing annual, meeting, and development cycles.

One final example of helpful technology for non-profits is cybersecurity platforms.

A frightening number of companies experience cyber attacks: as many as 1 in 5. Attacks can devastate an organization and lead to closure. Cybersecurity may seem to some like a bridge to cross later on. In reality, it is an urgent concern for any non-profit wishing to remain sustainable.

All these options and more can save organizations time, money, and confusion.

IT Support for Non-Profits

An essential consideration for organizations amplifying their digital programming is how to maintain consistency and continuity. Technology can make organizations run more efficiently, but it requires its own maintenance. Understanding the benefits of IT support for non-profits is therefore essential.

Managed IT services in downtown Los Angeles for SoCal non-profits offers organizations a wide range of services without having to add official staff to the payroll. This makes it easier to factor into a budget. Another benefit to hiring an IT support company is that you will have access to the strengths and skills of an entire team of dedicated IT experts.

This way, as your needs change and you invest in new technology, the service you receive will also evolve. This is preferable to identifying needed training for an in-house IT staff member, or dealing with errors as they adjust to the new tech.

Another benefit to non-profit IT support is being prepared for IT problems in advance. This is better than dealing with them as they come.

It may be tempting to hold off. However, in the end being prepared will save you and your staff wasted effort and frustration!

How to Find the Best IT Support for Non-Profits

It’s important for you to know what to look for when selecting your local IT support provider.

Firstly, you will want to ensure that you find a company that already caters to non-profits. While they face many of the same challenges as for-profit businesses, there are some aspects unique to non-profits. Ensuring that your selected IT support provider understands your organization’s special needs can help avoid misconceptions.

Another aspect to consider is the breadth of knowledge of the IT support company. It is advisable to find one where not only the IT support specialists, but also the leadership and administration have extensive IT expertise.

Companies such as these are more likely to provide comprehensive, quality services that stay on the cutting edge of the latest technological developments.

As a non-profit with limited funds and staff, you will want to find a company that provides all-inclusive services. This way, you won’t waste any of your resources on troubleshooting IT issues. All-inclusive managed IT services provide organizations with specialized packages that cover all needs and offer predictable billing.

Does My Non-Profit Need IT Support?

Non-profits don’t like to think of themselves as in competition. They exist to help others, and this concept contradicts their ethos. However, we live in a globalized world of more than 10 million non-profits. It’s important to stay at the forefront of new developments rather than lagging behind.

Investing in targeted technology and IT support for non-profits is shifting from “a step ahead” to an “absolute necessity.” Don’t let your organization fall to the back of the line!

If you would like to learn more about IT support services, feel free to reach out using our contact form!

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