Be Structured is Your Managed Service Provider That Recommends Vulnerability Scanning

What is Vulnerability Scanning? 

When you need to know that your business is safe from cyber intrusions, then you will either turn to a professional or software that can look over the entire business to ensure there are no weak spots.

However, with the vast array of options, how are you to know which is the best one to turn to?

Here at Be Structured, we rely on and recommend Vulnerability Scanning, the industry leader in penetration testing software for IT. I

t allows us to be one of the most reliable Los Angeles Vulnerability Scanning technology firms who can help ensure your business has filled in any gaps of vulnerability and is as protected as possible. Trust us to help make sure your business is as safe and that your business is not a target of nearby cyber hackers.

What Does Vulnerability Scanning Do?

There are many scanners that look for vulnerabilities in websites, but Vulnerability Scanning is one that the pros here at Be Structured love to rely on. Vulnerability Scanning assesses for vulnerability and provides penetration testing.

This lets us look around your system and server for malicious attacks or open areas that need addressing. Tenable Security is the company behind Vulnerability Scanning, and they have created a tool that is effective at many different levels.

The professional version of Vulnerability Scanning is commonly used in the IT field because of how quickly it can assess and discover problem areas within your networks. It can also create a target profile, audit the configuration of your network, detect if you have malware present, discover if sensitive data is adjusted improperly or missing, and even scan the programs you use within your system.

Customize Vulnerability Scanning with Over 127,000 Plugins

A bonus that comes with using Vulnerability Scanning is that you even get protection from scans when the devices or servers are offline.

Using Vulnerability Scanning allows your entire business environment to be safe without sharing information with people that you do not know are safe to have in your environment. Your business could be a lot safer with regular scans from Vulnerability Scanning.

Plus, it is always updated.

There are over 123,000 plugins that it uses, which allow for both local and remote security checks by authenticated users, an interface and architecture that is simple to follow and use, and even lets tech experts create their own unique plugins. There is also extra documentation so that you can fully understand what the existing plugins are capable of. Vulnerability Scanning was made to be user-friendly, which is often great news for both tech-friendly and non-tech businesses alike.

How is Vulnerability Scanning Different Than Other Network Security Tools?

When most business owners look for network security tools, they feel overwhelmed. Just the idea of having to use a tool like this makes them nervous.

However, Vulnerability Scanning is different.

While you still may not feel comfortable reading the results on your own, it is set up to be user-friendly and approachable. The results you get when you run a scan are very fast, and it gives you an overview of how secure your network is with just the click of your mouse.

Vulnerability Scanning Pinpoints Vulnerabilities

Most hackers determine where to strike by first running a scan that lets them see where a businesses’ system is vulnerable. This is called a penetration test. This test will look through your entire business along with all associated devices, and pinpoints where the hacker could most easily get in and exploit information from your business.

They are on the lookout for ports that are open, areas that do not require passwords, software titles that are out of date, and similar holes. Then, they set up their mission of exploiting those vulnerabilities until they can get in and take whatever information is in front of them.

Instead of allowing these holes to exist, we use Vulnerability Scanning to go over your entire network. It includes everything connected to your network and allows you to see where there may be existing gaps in your security measures. You have the main software, plus all of its associated tools to help you keep your network safe. There are specific steps that go into getting the most out of Vulnerability Scanning.

Vulnerability Scanning Scan Types

Once the installation and plugin setup are complete, you should run your first vulnerability scan.

Since this software is designed to scan for several issues, you have many different options. However, the first scan we will run will be a network scan to get an idea if there are any issues that you need to be aware of right off the bat. Expect this first scan to take a little longer than most subsequent scans, as it will look over every bit of information and every device that is connected toy our network.

There are many different scans that Vulnerability Scanning is capable of running that can help your business. We will determine which scans are best based on the type of business you have and any issues with compliance you may have already in your business. Here are some of the most common scans we typically use when we use Vulnerability Scanning.

  • Host Discovery Scans: This is when we scan to see if there are any open ports or live hosts on your network.
  • Basic Network Scans: This is when you run a scan to simply tell you if anything is obviously vulnerable about your system where someone may come in and exploit the issue.
  • Malware Scans: This is a scan that looks over Unix and Windows systems in search of any type of malware.
  • PCI Compliance Quarterly Scans: This is when a scan is performed quarterly on external access to your system to help maintain PCI compliance.
  • OVAL and SCAP Audits: This is when we use Vulnerability Scanning to audit your system using OVAL and/or SCAP definitions.

Getting Information from Your Vulnerability Scanning Results

After the scan, you will see a lot of colorful results. Each device on your network will have results, and each color you see represents the threats where a potential vulnerability exists. The colors range from low danger to critical risk of vulnerability.

You should see all devices on your local network, including your servers, firewalls, network equipment, printers (if network-enabled), your laptops or PCs, and workstations around your business. Each graph you see has more information about the vulnerability of the specific devices, so you not only get information that shows that the device is vulnerable, but also how.

Vulnerabilities Assessment

You will see each vulnerability shown as a plugin, because that is how this software discovers holes of vulnerabilities. If you click on a plugin, it will provide you with more information about how this problem creates vulnerability.

You can also find additional information on how to fix this type of issue. Thankfully, if you do not want to take the time to figure out how to fix each vulnerability you have, you can turn to this Los Angeles cybersecurity firm and we will help you.

You also have the option of understanding how this creates a problem for your business. One of the major benefits of using Vulnerability Scanning is that it helps to provide you with a lot of information. This means you can look at each vulnerability, and it will explain to you how a potential hacker would be able to exploit the problem.

It also tells you the processes a hacker would use. If you had old firmware on an outdated device, you may see an explanation such as, a hacker could create fake access points using this vulnerability. That lets you see how sneaky a hacker could be and shows you that even something you likely forgot about (the old firmware since the device was outdated) is a possible problem.

Taking Action Based on Your Vulnerability Scanning Results

You will be given a lot of information about your business when you look through the Vulnerability Scanning results. However, you may not understand what to do to protect yourself from those vulnerabilities. Thankfully, that is part of what makes us such an effective Los Angeles cybersecurity firm.

We can go through and explain your results, plus offer you suggestions on what can be done to help secure your company. You never want to leave yourself open to an attack. Prior to your Vulnerability Scanning scans, you may not have had any type of an idea you were even vulnerable. However, now that you know, you need to be able to take steps to protect yourself, your business, and your customers.

If you were to neglect your Vulnerability Scanning results, it could leave your business and customers open to identity theft or personal attacks. This is not a solution you want, and it could lead to the ruin of your company.

Bad reputations for safety concerns travel quickly. Instead, allow the experienced professionals here at Be Structured provide you with solutions that can close those vulnerable holes and give you the security you need and deserve.

After the full scan, we will look at the remediations tab. This is where we will see the largest problems are. Going back to the example of outdated firmware, we would see that listed here, along with the other issues that your network faces.

While we may go through and update your devices often, some are bound to slip through the cracks that will wind up on this list. We need to determine if we should close the vulnerability or to remove the device from your network. Both are viable options, depending on the size of your network. Occasionally the risks are very low too and remediation is deemed not necessary.

Do You Know What is On Your Network?

Hackers are always on the lookout for any way into a busy network. Those networks that are overloaded and busy, often have more gaps in them than tiny networks, since those are easier to maintain. It is vital that you know what is on your network.

This scan by Vulnerability Scanning may give you a lot more insight as to what is going on in your network than you expected. We will take the time to go over the results with you fully and remove whatever vulnerabilities we determine to be necessary. If you are not sure how to make a problem area within your network safe, then ask us. We understand how to configure servers, set up networks, authenticate users, install security software, and so much more. If you have an open gap in your network, we can fix it.

Vulnerabilities Are Scary and Should Not Be Ignored

You will see a lot of information when looking over a Vulnerability Scanning report. While it can be a bit scary to see that you really are vulnerable to an outside attack, it is also important that you know there are solutions to fix it. Sitting back and worrying about the holes in your network is not going to help it fix itself. You need the right tools to make sure each hole is closed up the right way. Seeing these openings is only the start of what needs to be done.

You also need to understand that these vulnerabilities are sometimes somewhat limited. For example, if you are talking about an opening with an outdated device that has not been used in years, the information the hacker could have access to is going to be limited as well. However, if you are not sure where a device is or who may be using it, the limitations are unknown at that point. That is part of what makes taking care of any vulnerabilities you may have so important. You never know what type of limitations a device may have unless someone tries to access it. At that point, it is simply not worth the risk.

Be Structured Can Help Ensure Your Business is Not Vulnerable with the Help of Vulnerability Scanning

We rely on Vulnerability Scanning for Los Angeles penetration testing because of how effective this software really is. It is widely used across the cybersecurity industry because the results are fast, dependable, and accurate. If you want to make sure that your company is safe from possible intrusions, then you need to let the experienced professionals here at Be Structured by your Los Angeles cybersecurity firm. Let us use Vulnerability Scanning on your company’s network to show you if you have anything to worry about. Contact us today to find out how we can help. Your business and your customers depend on the safety we can help provide.

What Are You Doing To Protect Your Network?

Be Structured helps you formulate concrete answers to questions like this.

Protect Your Business With Vulnerability Scanning 

Are You At Risk For A Cyber Attack? Ninety-five percent of network security breaches are due to human error. Empowering your team with the knowledge and skills to identify cybersecurity threats is essential to keeping your network protected. After all, a team of cybersecurity experts can only protect your network so much; at a certain point, it’s up to your everyday users to sidestep threats before they cripple your network. That’s where cybersecurity awareness training, such as phishing email training from Be Structured, comes into play.

The first step to cultivating a culture of cybersecurity awareness is simply to inform your team about the reality of cyber threats. As new threats emerge, it’s critical to provide ongoing training that helps employees spot threats and avoid them. Phishing email training is one of the most straightforward ways of accomplishing this goal. When you partner with Be Structured, it’s easy to ensure your team stays one step ahead of cybercriminals by automating ongoing phishing attacks.

Phishing email training automatically sends team members simulated phishing attacks on an ongoing basis. Your team will be able to report the email as phishing or, if caught unaware, click on one of the links. If they report the email, they’re congratulated and notified that it was a simulated attack. If, however, they fall victim to the simulated attack, they’re required to complete an additional security awareness training course online to bolster their awareness. Read more about Antivirus and Antimalware here.

Comprehensive Cybersecurity Solutions

When you partner with Be Structured, we secure your network with a comprehensive cybersecurity platform that protects every level of your operations. Our approach includes the latest network security strategies like dark web scanning and phishing email training, all for one fixed monthly price.

With Be Structured overseeing your larger cybersecurity needs and threats, you can be confident you’re staying ahead of the latest developments in the industry while preparing for the challenges of tomorrow. As part of our cybersecurity package, we protect you from external threats such as data breaches and unauthorized access to your network, while also guarding against internal threats with disaster recovery solutions.

Los Angeles IT Support

If you’re ready to take a more proactive approach to cybersecurity, you need a team of experts developing and overseeing your overarching security roadmap. Be Structured has the experience and skills to develop customized cybersecurity strategies around your unique operations. We’ll work with you to assess your team’s workflows from the inside out and keep you protected from internal and external threats. Get in touch with our team today to start exploring how much your cybersecurity platform can be doing to protect your bottom line and mission-critical data.