You can rely on Be Structured for your IT services.

Our Attitude Towards Service Separates Us From The Competition

The most significant factor that sets us apart from our competition is the way we approach customer service. Our staff is made up of technicians and engineers, not salespeople. Be Structured is a customer-first company. We believe that you deserve the best IT services possible for the functions of your business. That means providing what you need, and not trying to sell you on what will waste your time and resources.

In addition to our personal approach, we bring a level of expertise that you won’t be able to get with a small in-house IT team, all at a fraction of the price an in-house IT department would cost. We have built our team to fill in the gaps around our own expertise to deliver comprehensive services to all of our clients. Above everything else, our primary mission is to make sure that your technology is working for you and not against you.

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It.

Look at the words of our satisfied customers.

Testimonials To Our Superior Service

“Before Be Structured, there was no transparency. Our previous IT Support firm charged us hourly, resulting in high, unpredictable invoices month-to-month. We never had the same technician on a weekly basis, resulting in a varied knowledge base and lack of efficiency. It felt like we were starting all over again. Additionally, there was no checklist to follow when troubleshooting or familiarity with repeat issues.

We’re happy to have found Be Structured. Salem Partners is a boutique investment bank and wealth management firm that provides high touch service to our clients and we wanted an outsourced IT solution that shared the same values. Chad is very knowledgeable, meticulous, a forward thinker and above all a very honest person. We now have a predictable monthly bill, a reliable network, and a Support Team that cares and is on top of their game. We can continue serving our clients with excellence.”

– Goli Kamangar, Salem Partners

“Just about the only thing I knew about IT when I contacted Be Structured was that our organization (a nonprofit) needed big help for little money. Our servers and systems were outdated. They were also overloaded. Structured’s team made a careful assessment of our needs and developed a cost-effective proposal in language and numbers that I, as a “tech-challenged” executive, could understand. What’s more, they took the time to get to know our people, our mission, and our values so that they could help us plan wisely for the future. Whenever we need them, they’re there—and they come through.”

– Kathy Ross, Reasons To Believe

“Before we brought Be Structured in to manage our IT environment our IT spending was out of control, and the service we were receiving didn’t effectively meet our company’s needs. I found that I was spending more and more of my time dealing with day to day IT issues, of which I knew little and so was only marginally effective, but more importantly was distracted from the more critical issues affecting our business. The team at Be Structured quickly identified our major problems, built a project plan to get us to where we needed to be, and turned our IT problems into an IT solution. Since we have implemented Managed IT Services by Be Structured they have provided a complete solution for supporting our technology and improved their already fast response times. I strongly recommend Be Structured.”

– Bruce Roberts, Sterling Transportation

“When we set out to create our socially responsible toy business with workers located in California, Connecticut, and Honduras, we knew we would have a number of international coordination challenges on our hands. Lacking the in-house expertise required to run our virtual business efficiently and productively, we called on Be Structured to help us implement the technologies best able to overcome geographic boundaries. And they did just that. The Be Structured team is increasingly attentive to our needs as the business grows and their responsiveness is best in class. Apart from the functional aspects of our relationship, we’ve had fun building our business from scratch with the help of Chad and his team.”

– William Haughey, Tegu

“When I started up our nationwide third-party insurance administration business and customer service center in 2004 I asked the folks at Be Structured to design and implement our entire IT and communications platform. We were happy with their design (that addressed unique multi-location challenges), pricing and implementation but more than that we are pleased that the platforms and processes recommended to us by Be Structured have continued to fully perform as advertised and remain relevant in today’s changing technology environment. Our clients (which include some of the nation’s largest and most respected corporations) have entrusted the care and security of their customers to us. These clients regularly audit our IT structure, security, backup, etc. and without exception have concluded that the platforms and processes that BeStructured has designed for us live up to their standards. When new challenges arrive we take comfort knowing that we can rely on Be Structured to assist us with IT solutions!”

– Wayne Schreck, Dreamlife Administration

“From complicated implementations to minor situations, Be Structured is always there giving us new ideas and solutions to help our company run more efficiently and cost effectively in today’s competitive market.”

– Bart Salant, Paramount Courier

Helpdesk Quotes

Our help desk team works diligently every day to provide the very best in customer support. These quotes were all taken from support surveys with our help desk services:

“Thanks for your speediness in resolving the issue. I appreciate your help! You never make me feel dumb with my computer needs, thanks for that.” – Emily E.

“Knowledgeable, professional, and worked around my schedule.” – Jan K.

“Always on point and on time. Thanks guys!!” – Leidy M.

“I indicated that it wasn’t an urgent matter, but I received a call within a few minutes from the time that I submitted my question with a direct and helpfully simple reply. Not only did Sal answer my question, but he also took the time to follow up on a previous ticket issue I submitted that had a more open-ended resolution due to the need for more research, showing proactive concern. I am very satisfied with how this was handled.” – Sean C.

“Alan A. has been extremely helpful, friendly and accommodating. Thank you!” – Maritza S.

“Took the necessary time to ensure I was “functional” while correcting the problem. System is working great!” – Noah K-M.

“Impeccable service.” – Shawnie S.

“Very patient, professional, and thorough.” – Sarah H.

“Alan provided service that was in a word outstanding. He was very well informed, effective in resolving the problem making sure everything was addressed, and followed up on everything. I really appreciated it!” – Bob S.

“My question was answered quickly and handled quickly as well, with a high degree of professionalism.” – Alex D.