IT Consulting Los Angeles: We All Need Experts

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I seek help from experts on various issues in my personal and professional life, and I’m sure you do too. But as IT consulting experts at Be Structured, we know we can’t do it all! Outsourcing our HR, tax preparation in Los Angeles, legal needs, and more to make our business run smoothly. I have a business coach, mentor, physician, estate planner, and online running coach. Or what if you needed something common new tires put on your car or Museum Taxidermy Services? I’m sure you wouldn’t try to learn and do that alone. There are hundreds of other examples where we bring experts to help us manage our needs, big and small, obscure or familiar. It simply isn’t possible for us to be experts at everything. Part of modern life is learning where your passions and skills intersect, focusing on building specialization in that area, and hiring others to take care of the other aspects of your life.

Why You Need IT Consulting Experts in Los Angeles

I’m often surprised by how many business owners and executives think they can manage their technology or even hire their technology people. The world has continued its relentless march toward specialization in niche markets and skillsets for generations. One is no longer just a doctor or an orthopedic surgeon. Today, every surgical orthopedist has a specific surgical subspecialty, such as arthroplasty (total ankle reconstruction). This same specialization has happened in every career field, including the ever-changing field of Information Technology. IT Consulting professionals run the gamut with many specialties and subspecialties as well. One is not just a network engineer but is a voice and video over IP (VoIP) engineering specialist or specializes in Multi-Factor Authentication. And with CMMC coming down the pipeline for clients, MSSP and Security Services are more important than ever.

IT Consulting Manages Growing Complexities

This additional specialization creates a problem for small to medium-sized businesses. It becomes complicated to find a “jack of all trades” to meet a company’s IT needs suitably. If you’re a 25-250 person company, a 1-2 person IT department might have been sufficient in years past, but these days that small group of folks will lack many specialties that the organization might require. The IT department might try their best where they don’t have skills but instead create risk for the organization by not doing things correctly. Or, they may admit their shortcomings and seek outside assistance costing the organization a lot in addition to their already high internal payroll cost.

Specialization makes it extremely difficult for business owners and management to interview and hire an IT department. Unless you have a CTO or CIO on staff with experience building IT departments, you would lack the technical capabilities to put candidates through their paces.

IT Consulting for Business Technology vs. Consumer Technology

One of the reasons business owners and professionals think about trying to manage their IT needs on their own is the consumerization of technology. We all use and touch technology every day; our laptops, tablets, smartphones, e-readers, and smartwatches. Likely, we even set up our home network, did some home automation tricks, or maybe set up an AV system for the house. While the infiltration of technology in our lives is a powerful force these days, just proximity or the ability to use consumer-grade techniques does not make one an IT professional prepared for the challenges of Managing IT Consulting for a business- especially here in LA, where business demands are higher than most places in the world. They are also likely unprepared for a poorly implemented system’s severe risks. The network going down at your company doesn’t just impact your family’s ability to watch a video on the TV.

How IT Consulting Can Help Your Business

Be Structured can help in all these areas by becoming your Managed IT Services department and your trusted vCIO expert with all things technology. As one of Los Angeles’ top IT Consulting Firms, we have the expertise to hire, manage, and maintain talent, and we also have a breadth of different specializations on our team. This is not an area to trust your technical skills or risk hiring someone incapable of fully taking care of this critical part of your business. IT outsourcing and Managed IT Services are simply the right move for the vast majority of SMBs out there today.

About Chad Lauterbach

CEO at Be Structured Technology Group, Inc. a Los Angeles based provider of Managed IT Services for small business. I desire to help small businesses better utilize technology by assisting in high level planning to make sure that new systems will benefit them both operationally and financially. I am careful to implement and support systems using industry best practices.