5 Office Relocation Tips for Small Business Owners

Office Relocation Tips with local IT support
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Relocating your office could provide advantages for 68% of your workforce. That’s because it can improve working environments by providing more comfort, space, and motivation.

Perhaps you’re in need of an upgrade to your office and are looking to move to another location.

Then, you’ve come to the right place.

We’re here to give five office relocation tips so you can enjoy better productivity from your employees.

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1. Get Your Planning in Order

It’s best to start planning your relocation well in advance. Then, you can ensure you’ve got everything in place to make the move. There’s a lot that goes into office planning, like spaciousness, the area you’re moving to, and how welcoming it will be to your employees.

Depending on your current location and the location you’re moving to along with the size of your company you can either DIY the process or hire an outsourced IT support services company to help you out.

If you’re moving to the Southern California area, hiring an IT support Los Angeles based company can assure that your network and tech is properly re-routed and set up correctly.

Find your new spot and look at all the fine details, including the layout. This will prevent you from getting stressed out about moving. It enables you to allow your workforce to plan for the new space that you’ll be moving into. Think about where all of your equipment needs to be placed.

Come up with a floor plan with a map. Then, it will make the process easier for all parties involved. That goes for you, your employees, and the moving company.

2. Hire a Moving Moving Company Beforehand

It’s best to get a full estimate of the costs from your moving company before you relocate. You don’t want to get caught out of pocket. This will ensure that you get your move at the right price.

Think about all of the equipment, painting work, and any renovations needed. Perhaps your new office will need a refurbishment. Make sure the company you choose is professional, has the experience, and is properly certified to carry out whatever work it is that you need to be done.

Have your moving company attend the site and carry out an assessment. Then, get your quote from them before you make your decision. You’ll want to do this all in good time to make the move as smooth as possible.

Remember to get referrals from others who have worked with the same company before. That way, you’ll know they’re trustworthy and can carry out the job to a top-quality level.

At Be Structured, we offer top-level office relocation has been in the business for years. Whether you moving in or out of the same region, we’re here to support you all the way. We make the whole procedure as simple as possible.

3. Order Equipment With Good Timing

Having your orders put in for new equipment will serve you well. Around one to two months’ notice should be enough to give you time to make all of the preparations you need. Then, all of your furniture and equipment will be ready for you to collect and start decorating your new office.

Watch out for the sizing of the equipment you order. Otherwise, you could end up having to pay twice for it. You may have to spend on having them shipped to your old office space and then once again.

Try downsizing as much as possible and hire a company that will move your new equipment directly to your where you’re relocating. The best way to do this is to connect with the suppliers so that they arrive well in time for your move.

4. Ensure You Clean Well Before Moving

Only being essentials with you and having the rest moved out of your old office space. Get rid of all unnecessary documents and files. Also, you can sell or donate furniture and equipment that you don’t need anymore to charity.

Anything you donate could have the tax removed from it. This will, therefore, be a smart decision when it comes to checking in with your accountants and all the dealings they have the make.

Make sure to deep clean your office space. You’ll want it to be free from any dust or dirt so that whoever moves in will have a well-polished office. Leave it the way you’d expect your new office to look when you’re moving in.

Hoover, scrub down the walls and clean all of the furniture you’re leaving behind. Otherwise, have a company do this for you. Although, if you do it yourself, you’ll cut some costs.

5. Make Sure Your IT Department Plays Their Part

Ensure your IT team is well informed about moving all necessary equipment that you’ll need to carry out daily business tasks. This will include technical, phone, and internet equipment. Ensure all of these plans get taken with you so that you don’t have to take new ones when you relocate.

Your IT department will need to make an assessment of the new office for any improvements that can be made regarding  IT infrastructure. In addition, the new equipment brought to the office will need to be checked to ensure it’s compatible with all of the office space regulations.

You can also find a local IT support company to assist you in the move to make sure everything gets down right.

When moving, you want all your technical operations to be in the right order. So, three months will be plenty of time for your IT team to get on track.

In South California, many businesses turn to our award-winning IT support networks. We have retained a good customer base due to our high levels of skills and abilities within this area. Having customers satisfied with their previous move is what makes us thrilled and we continue to provide excellent service with every relocation we make.

Choose Us for Your Smooth Office Relocation Tips and Move

Relocation to your office should never leave you feeling anxious or in distress. It should be an easy process that runs without any issues. Now you know five office relocation tips to make the whole move simpler.

As long as you plan well in advance, clean up your office space, and your IT team pulls their weight, you shouldn’t have any problems.

It’s time to join the best of our happy customers and get your office relocated with our trusted company.

Contact us today! Be Structured is here to make your move as easy as it should be.