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The IT consulting industry in the US has reached $666 billion in revenue, with over 479,500 businesses contributing to the industry’s growth. With so many IT organizations to choose from, it can feel difficult to find support for your business.

Finding the right outsourced technical support company in Los Angeles could prove paramount to your company’s success. Here are a few tips that can help you narrow down your options. With these tips, you can find a local IT support team that can meet your needs.

Begin your search for IT services with these tips today.

Outline Your Managed IT Services Needs

Before you begin researching IT support businesses, first take a look at your business. Where is your IT infrastructure falling behind? Outlining your specific needs can help you find an IT team capable of meeting those needs.

Otherwise, you could waste valuable time and money on IT services that don’t support your business.

Talk to different departments throughout your business. Determine where they’re experiencing IT issues or bottlenecks. Their feedback can help you make more informed decisions about your needs.

Otherwise, consider factors like:

  • Improving your security
  • Moving to cloud computing
  • Meeting new regulations
  • Customer expansion
  • Outdated technology (hardware and software)

About 64% of businesses have prioritized updating their outdated infrastructures. Another 47% experienced increased security concerns. The majority of businesses allocated their IT budget to hardware, software, hosted/cloud-based services, or managed services.

Once you outline your needs, you can determine which services are priorities. Then, you can dedicate more of your IT budget to those areas.

When you begin interviewing IT companies, they should ask about your needs and goals. If they don’t, remove that business from your list. An IT company that doesn’t prioritize your priorities will waste your time and money.

Request Referrals and Reviews

Once you determine what you need, turn to business owners within your network. Google “IT support companies near me” and start building a list of managed service providers near you. And ask your nearby business neighbors who they use and what their experience has been.  Learn from their experience working with each company, too.

Consider drafting a list of questions you want to ask ahead of time.

For example, is the team experienced and knowledgeable? Remember to look for an IT team that can lend their expertise to your specific needs. If they’re not experts in IT security in Los Angeles and that’s your top priority to ensure security for your customers, keep searching.

Ask each business owner if they encountered any problems while working with the company. If they did, ask if the IT company tried to fix the problem. Look for a company that prioritizes its customers to offer the best possible experiences.

If your professional network can’t provide referrals, begin searching for an IT organization online instead. Once you build a list of options, look for online client reviews. Reading reviews can help you find an IT team worthy of your trust.

If you find a number of complaints against the business, strike them from your list.

Look for Years of IT Support Experience

Determine how long each IT organization has worked in the industry. Try to determine how many businesses they’ve helped within that time, too. Look for an IT team that already has years of hands-on experience helping clients.

If you can, find an IT company that’s helped businesses within your industry or niche.

These IT support teams will have more thorough knowledge about your industry, customers, and competitors. They can leverage their previous experience to benefit your company. With their help, you can make more informed decisions to ensure your company’s long-term growth.

Try to determine if a dedicated technician will work on your IT needs, too. Then, learn more about their qualifications. Make sure their experience and expertise align with your needs and goals.

If they lack experience relevant to your needs, ask the company if you can work with a different technician instead.

Prioritize a Proactive Approach

Try to find an IT company that will take a proactive approach to your IT needs.

They should take the time to review your IT infrastructure to determine where there are issues or bottlenecks. Otherwise, the company might use a break-fix approach to your IT problems. They’ll wait for an IT issue to impact your productivity, then step in.

This laid-back approach can do more harm than good. A proactive approach, on the other hand, can help you avoid problems. A company that takes a proactive approach will help your company become more cost-effective and efficient.

Review Their Services

Learn more about the different IT services in Los Angeles that each organization offers. Make sure their services align with your goals.

The company shouldn’t push you to request services you don’t need. Instead, they should evaluate your infrastructure and goals. Then, they should make recommendations that align with your needs.

Consider services like cybersecurity and cloud computing as a starting point.

Ask each IT company about their process and response times, too. For example, how will you submit a ticket? Will you contact a dedicated technician directly, or will your ticket go into a queue?

Understanding how the company operates will help you manage your expectations. If they don’t already have an efficient process in place, keep searching.

Compare Pricing

Make a list of the specific IT services you need. Then, ask at least three IT support companies for a pricing list of the services they offer. Compare each company’s pricing.

Is one company’s pricing dramatically higher or lower than everyone else’s? Determine why that is.

Make sure to read over the contract before signing any agreements.

IT Experts: Find Your IT Support Company in Los Angeles Today

Finding the best Los Angeles IT services company can set your business up for long-term success. Use these tips to explore your options as you look for an IT support team. Then, choose the team that’s most likely to meet your goals for the year.

With their help, you can boost your productivity and ROI with ease.

Want to discuss your IT needs with a member of the award-winning Be Structured team? We’re here for you.

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