Strategies for Maintaining IT Compliance

IT compliance

If you work in a regulated industry, you likely already understand the importance of network compliance. Leaving your network vulnerable to cybercriminals can result in data breaches, lawsuits, hefty noncompliance fines, and a tarnished public image. In this post, we’ll take a look at some of the fundamental strategies you need to be using if you want to prioritize IT compliance.

Start with Cybersecurity

Your organization’s network security platform stands as the backbone of compliance strategies. Your security platform should not only meet compliance requirements; it should exceed them if you want guaranteed compliance. Start with simple approaches like implementing policies for regularly updating, patching, and upgrading software and network infrastructure.

From there, you can explore the possibility of partnering with a managed service provider (MSP) or a team of cybersecurity experts who specialize in overseeing your industry-specific compliance requirements. Since compliance can change at a moment’s notice and technology is continually evolving, having dedicated experts monitoring these changes offers the most proactive approach to staying compliant, no matter what industry you’re in.

Take Time for Training

Once you’ve done everything you can to bolster your network defenses and protect against external threats, the next vulnerability is your own internal team. Fifty-five% of organizations that experience a security incident or data breach find it was due to a malicious or negligent employee. That’s why taking the time today to properly train your team on cybersecurity measures and compliance regulations can pay off tomorrow. At the same time, don’t treat training as a one-and-done strategy. Instead, implement regular training schedules to ensure your team doesn’t become complacent or forget critical information over time.

Implement User Access Controls

Staying compliant is also about ensuring nobody in your organization has access to data they aren’t authorized to view. Implement user access controls across your network to ensure employees can only access data and applications relevant to their day-to-day jobs. Doing so mitigates the risk of exploited loopholes that result in data breaches and leaks.

Encrypt Network Data

Encrypting sensitive data on all your organization’s devices is a straightforward step that can take your compliance platform to the next level. If devices are lost, stolen, or end up in the wrong hands, the data on them will essentially be useless to criminals as long as it’s encrypted. On top of encrypting stored data, make sure you’re encrypting sensitive data transmitted over your network as well as data relayed to authorized external systems.

Los Angeles IT Support

If you need some help bolstering your organization’s compliance strategies, contact the security experts today. No matter what industry you’re in, our team has the experience and to help you meet and exceed your specific compliance requirements so your network stays protected at every level.

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