Save Valuable Time and Money With Managed IT Services

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Did you know that 60 percent of small businesses that suffer data loss will shut down within six months? Data loss can cost money while also affecting a business’ reputation. In the worst-case scenario, this can make customers hesitate before turning to their services or products.

Because of the risk to small businesses and the prevalence of data breaches and losses, more companies are turning to IT solutions like outsourced tech support companies.

If you have a small business, having a robust cybersecurity platform and other managed IT services can save you time and money. Read on to know what managed IT support companies provide and the benefits they offer.

Save Time and Money: What Are Managed IT Services?

IT managed support services are services a third party provides for your business. They can offload general tasks to an expert, helping you reduce costs and increase productivity.

The managed service provider is responsible for keeping equipment and services functioning. The subscriber pays a monthly fee which can be adjusted as the business expands.

Common services that managed IT providers offer are remote monitoring of servers, network protection, systems management, and more. The traditional type of managed IT services follows a break and fix model. The experts monitor systems and only step in when there is a malfunction

More modern managed IT service providers take a proactive approach. They identify potential security breaches, offer predictive maintenance, and set up continuity assessments.

See Increased Productivity

Unplanned downtime can reduce your employees’ productivity, resulting in lost revenue and client dissatisfaction. If your technology malfunctions, your business will not work as efficiently as it needs to.

In Los Angeles IT services companies will take preventative measures to avoid technological breakdowns. It can free up your employees, who can focus on the tasks they were hired for instead of dealing with IT concerns.

If you have an IT in-house team, bundled IT services lets them manage tasks other than dealing with malfunctioning equipment and user issues.

Get Continuous Support

With a managed IT services provider, you know you can get your systems back up and running quickly. Most small businesses cannot afford to have an in-house IT department on call at all hours. Outsourcing these services allows them to get continuous coverage without the crippling expense.

Security breaches are a constant concern for small businesses. There are risks from viruses, spyware, malware, phishing, and hackers. You also need to check for system outages and software and hardware failures.

A small in-house IT team cannot provide all these services.

When you hire IT support companies, you also receive technological advice from experts. They will assess your business and show you what options will work best for your company. With their help, you can select quality hardware and software.

Receive Risk Assessments

Small and medium-sized businesses do not have the expertise to prepare risk and continuity assessment plans. Since having a strategy in place can prevent companies from serious breaches and crashes, you want experts to prepare them for you.

A managed IT services provider will take steps toward disaster planning. They will create documented plans for data backups and plan offsite storage. To prevent power disruptions, they will also set up emergency power supplies.

The provider will put a team in place to ensure your business can run even when disaster strikes.

Reduce Costs

Managed IT services reduce infrastructure costs. You will be able to rely on the third-party IT team’s data centers instead of having to invest in infrastructure changes at your business site. You save on the cost of purchasing hardware, as well as on its maintenance and the energy needed to run it.

Data losses and security breaches are crippling to a business. Managed IT services will work to prevent these. They will help you avoid losing revenue during recovery time as well as any legal costs that come as a consequence of breaches.

You will save on licensing, consulting, and training. Hiring and training IT staff will no longer be a concern since the monthly cost of managed IT services covers these expenses under service level agreements (SLAs). You don’t need to worry about the associated costs of maintaining full-time employees, either.

Updating software subscriptions can get pricey if you try to handle them individually. The team of local IT support specialists will manage software subscriptions for you as part of their fee.

Managed IT services allow for scalability. You get only the services you need at the moment while retaining the option of scaling up as necessary. The provider will help you assess your business’s immediate needs to set up a plan that fits your budget and timeline.

No matter how much support you need, bundled IT service providers will charge a fixed fee each month. Knowing what you can expect to pay allows you to budget accordingly.

Transform Your Business With Managed IT

Outsourced technical support will let you save time and money while also offering the peace of mind you need. These services will reduce the costs of hiring an IT team, dealing with expensive data losses, and more. With a monthly fee, you can protect your business and allow it to grow.

At Be Structured Technology Group, we provide a business-first solutions approach. We understand technology should be a tool to help your business grow, not another concern.

Our team of experts takes into consideration each business’s special requirements. We provide services that are not one-size-fits-all but are as unique as your business. Schedule a free IT support consultation today!