IT Outsourcing & IT Consulting in Los Angeles

The modern business of today has no choice but to make the most effective use of its IT.

With IT outsourcing, you pay only for the tech services that you need.

From internal and external communications to marketing, data analysis, and even just the occasional Zoom meeting, information and communications technology are the lifeblood of any organization, and Be Structured Technology Group Inc., has become the leading outsourced tech support group in Los Angeles for managing those systems.

Of course, technology evolves quickly, and the latest tech updates today might be out of date before you know it. No business can afford to rest for too long when it comes to its IT services, but that can mean a heavy workload and the high costs of a 24/7 IT department.

Not all companies in Los Angeles can justify that expense, which is why it is becoming increasingly common to see brands outsource IT support in Los Angeles along with many other aspects of their business.

Why Outsource IT Services in Los Angeles?

There is a wide range of benefits that a company sees when it starts to outsource its IT services. One of the most important is that the cost of keeping up with out-of-date infrastructure or the increased IT demands of a growing workforce can be extremely prohibitive.

The modern business lives on technology, from smartphones, office desktops, and laptops to remote workers and cloud or eCommerce platforms.

If a business is to run smoothly, then those technologies need to be approached in a professional and experienced way, and with an IT support Los Angeles team, it can save you a lot of stress. If you tend not to think about your use of technology until the day it goes wrong and starts to obstruct workflow, outsourcing your IT services is vital and comes with various benefits that you may not have considered.

In-House IT Management or Outsourced IT Consulting in Los Angeles?

When you outsource your IT, you are handing over the responsibility of your tech infrastructure to a different company.

This immediately cuts your operational costs. After all, in-house teams can be a very expensive luxury to have.

For companies with a limited budget or who lack the office space to squeeze in new IT experts, outsourcing is a solution that shouldn’t be overlooked.

In-house IT teams will always mean a higher cost, especially if your business is growing.

With the high salaries commanded by IT professionals, those teams will also have to keep up to date on the latest IT developments and will invariably have gaps when it comes to what they know.

With our outsourced Los Angeles IT support, you avoid those risks.

Outsourcing means less vulnerability when it comes to knowledge gaps or days when not every member of the IT team can make it to work. However, there are more benefits to using a dedicated Los Angeles managed service provider.

Here are six of the most useful advantages that you will see when you outsource technical support for your growing business.

1. Fewer Overheads

When you outsource your IT to our Los Angeles IT services group, you will tend to have a tiered list of options to choose from.

We boast several specifically structured teams that will launch into action based on precisely what you need, from the first response team that can evaluate, assess, and then offer advice to the specialists who can tackle specific roles and solve specific problems.

With outsourced IT services, you pay only for the local IT support that you need.

From a dedicated account manager to help desk support and strategy guidance, outsourcing means having access to experienced professionals with a broader range of skills.

Trying to recreate that skilled team in-house would require a massive level of staffing, as well as plenty of investment in new technologies. Outsourcing cuts those costs and creates a leaner, more efficient workplace.

2. Transparency in Hiring

When you need to hire someone in-house to manage your IT, there is always the risk of making the wrong choice.

Hiring new team members is still going to expose a company to potential issues of hiring mistakes. Some new hires will have exaggerated their resumes, while others may not be an excellent cultural fit for your brand. That means headaches and a potential reduction in productivity that can be hard to overcome.

As a Southern Californian-based business, when you decide to outsource your IT services to a Los Angeles based company like Be Structured, you have the luxury of doing a more thorough investigation into their value.

You can check:

  • Pricing structures
  • The tools and technologies that they use
  • Client history
  • Customer retention rates
  • Online reviews

This is significantly easier than going through the whole hiring process and finding out that you’ve made a hiring mistake.

3. The Range of Services

Depending on the IT services that you opt for, you will have a range of skills and services to choose from.

There are so many IT skills required to run a modern business that hiring a new member every time you find out that you have a skills gap will quickly see your wage costs spiral out of control.

With a comprehensive network installation strategy and a flatter network structure than most hierarchical business models, that means you get access to the specific skills that you need.

Service delivery is tailored to your requirements, and that means every demand placed on your technology is both met and exceeded. Outsourcing can cover a range of services, including (but not limited to):

  • Helpdesk support
  • Focused and specific IT projects
  • Cloud management and support
  • Cybersecurity
  • IT Compliance
  • Network design and management

The problem for those with an in-house IT team and a centralized hierarchy is that each of these services requires a vastly comprehensive range of particular skills.

Hiring a new team member every time you need to take more control of your tech will always be the more expensive option over using an external team of IT experts that can deliver precisely what you need when you need it.

4. Security and Disaster Recovery

While technology has mostly been a massive benefit for businesses, it has also exposed them to new risks and network security issues.

Cybercrime is more prevalent than ever, and cybercriminals are increasingly sophisticated. They use various methods and technologies to break into IT systems, and all businesses are at risk.

From the most prominent known brands globally to the small enterprises that are still in their early days, cybercrime can happen at any time.

Not only does outsourcing your IT mean that your IT network can be monitored 24/7 for any suspicious activity, but it will also make it easier to recover should the worst data breach happen.

Even if a cyber attack happens during your off-hours, the entire issue could be tackled and resolved before you walk into the office the next day. Even if there are IT issues caused by other elements, such as a power cut, a fire, or flooding, then your essential data can be backed up and recovered quickly, simply because the problem will be spotted in real-time.

In-house teams can rarely provide 24/7 monitoring simply because of cost.

5. IT Support Near Me

Thanks to Be Structured’s downtown Los Angeles location, our tech team offer outsourced solutions not only to every Los Angeles business but also to outlying areas such as:

IT Support in Santa Monica
IT Support in Burbank
IT Support in Century City
IT Support in Pasadena
IT Support in Culver City
And even
IT Support in Orange County

6. Improved Management and Fresh Perspectives

It can be challenging to look back at your business with an objective eye.

Often, it’s all too easy to develop a laser-like focus on your goals and gains without taking the time to take a more critical look at your operations.

All businesses can make improvements, and with the right Los Angeles managed service provider, you will have access to a company whose role is based on creating more efficient business processes.

That means more savings, a boost in productivity, and an improved IT strategy that more than exceeds your growing tech goals.

For any company that would like to see turnover vastly improved, the option to outsource technical support for your IT is both a money-saver and an efficiency gain. When the right IT can automate manual tasks, you free up your in-house teams to work on more profitable tasks.

7. Improved Technology Costs

Technology costs money, and it can quickly become one of the company’s most significant expenses. From dedicated in-house servers to personal laptops or smartphones for your sales team, that hardware and the software needed to maximize the value of that tech can quickly become a cost you can’t keep up with. In addition, nuts and bolts IT strategies like proper network structured cabling will always benefit from an outsourced set of eyes and brains.

By using an IT management service, you gain access to much better prices on those IT needs. That’s because many businesses that provide IT services in Los Angeles will have more access to special offers and lower costs.
Rather than using third parties to buy the hardware and software that you need, our IT support service will be able to go directly to suppliers.

They will be able to make bulk purchases that your own business would not have been made aware of. Thanks to a more objective view of your business, when you outsource technical support, you also make it easier to have recommendations about where new cost-savings can happen with the right tech upgrades.

If you want a more level playing field when it comes to your competitors and your sector, then engaging an IT management company that specializes in the sprawling Los Angeles area is the solution that you’ve been looking for.

Be Structured has over 15 years of experience turning even the largest company into a leaner, more efficient, productive, and profitable enterprise.

For any business that wants to continue to see growth in the immediate and long-term future, outsourcing your IT services has become one of the most critical steps to take.

Be Structured continues to be here to help. Contact us today for a free assessment.

People Also Ask

What is outsourced IT support?

Outsourced tech support means trusting all of your company’s network and IT to a third-party Managed Service Provider (MSP).

What is IT outsourcing and why?

Outsourced IT support services is the common practice of hiring a company specializing in technology to handle your IT needs, freeing you up to better run your business.

What are IT outsourcing companies?

A company like Be Structured that specializes in the Los Angeles IT support needs of local businesses.

What are the pros and cons of IT outsourcing?


  • Saving money
  • Saving time
  • Preventing cyber attacks
  • Technical efficiency


  • None