How Does AuthAnvil Protect My Business?

AuthAnvil Authentication

Online security can be both simple to use and incredibly secure, especially with the use of ID Agent’s AuthAnvil Two-Factor and Multi-Factor Authentication system. For companies located in Los Angeles, two-factor (2FA) and multi-factor (MFA) authentication solutions are in high demand. However, employees want to be able to log in quickly without the need for long, complex security systems. How do you balance these two needs? Here at Be Structured Technology Group, we have found one of the best solutions to balancing security with simplicity is with ID Agent AuthAnvil. This secure access solution provides protection for all of your critical data via multi-factor authentication while also making it quick and easy for employees to sign in. Everything can be set up quickly, too, allowing you to put these protections in place almost immediately.

What Is Two-Factor and Multi-Factor Authentication? (2FA and MFA)

Cybercrime has become a global concern for businesses both big and small. A company’s standard security system often lags behind the innovation and intrusiveness of the attackers. Thus companies are often playing “catch-up” to meet the ever-evolving challenges the hackers pose worldwide.

Sometimes human error or lack of attention being paid to a company’s backend can be the culprit. Regardless of where the blame lies, IT support companies in Los Angeles and around the globe recognize that to protect the security of your systems, businesses need to be proactive rather than reactive.

How ID Agent AuthAnvil Security System Uses Two-Factor / Multi-Factor Authentication (2FA and MFA)

To access almost anything online, whether it’s a company server or a personal social media account, the user has to enter a password. Unfortunately, passwords have a number of weaknesses. Many people use the same password for everything, leaving all of their accounts vulnerable if someone hacks into one account. Other people create very weak passwords, lose their password, share it with others, or even write it down on a sticky note stuck to their monitor. All of these things can create vulnerabilities, leaving your network exposed.

Two-factor authentication (2FA) addresses some of these vulnerabilities by requiring users to enter a second set of credentials in order to access their account. For example, an employee may log into their computer using their usual username and password, but then they will have to press their finger to a fingerprint scanner for the second form of authentication. Other types of authentication include face scans, logging into a second device such as a smartphone with a different username/password, or entering a randomly generated series of characters created by an app. Using ID Agent’s AuthAnvil security solution offers this 2FA, adding extra protection to your network. While employees still need to use strong passwords and keep them secret, losing a password or sharing it with someone outside of the company no longer leaves your data exposed to potential theft.

This two-factor authentication system also makes it easier when an employee is terminated or, worse, quits to go work for a competitor where delicate trade secrets could be breached and compromised. Many businesses have succumbed to such security threats where shared secrets boost a competitor over the originator.

AuthAnvil Basics

Many companies make use of cloud of the cloud computing in Los Angeles to hold data and even software. However, you can’t simply allow every employee access to the entire cloud—they would have access to data they simply didn’t need. This also creates a major security issue. AuthAnvil allows you to easily restrict data to specific individuals.

If you’re looking for a top Los Angeles two factor (2FA) and multi-factor (MFA) authentication solution, a quick search will turn up many, many different options. Why is AuthAnvil, then, one of the best? More and more companies are facing data breaches related to password hacks and related issues. Losing customer data to hackers, especially if that data contains information such as social security numbers, credit card numbers, or other financial information, can ruin a company. Your company could lose millions of dollars, but even worse, a data breach can destroy any trust people have in you. This loss of trust results in the loss of customers, and in many cases, compromised businesses never recover.

The use of AuthAnvil also protects your company from potential breaches by laid off, let go or secretly disgruntled employees by making it simple to instantly forbid future access without having to manually kill passwords one by one within your system. The last thing any business wants is to see an employee leave, then start working with a competitor where with remaining access to his old company’s data, trade secrets could be shared.

AuthAnvil is here to make certain that even if a person’s password is compromised, your data is still safe. The solutions AuthAnvil makes possible for customers include multi-factor authentication, credentials management, password automation, remote access, and single sign-on, plus more. Kaseya, the driving force behind AuthAnvil, is fully dedicated to improving AuthAnvil regularly, layering both new security features alongside tried and true methods to ensure that their customers have the best protection possible regardless of what platform they use or the amount of data they need to protect.

AuthAnvil Offers Different Solutions for Security

Authenticator App

Using one layer of security is simply no longer effective enough. By combining employee passwords with the AuthAnvil Authenticator mobile app, users can log in securely using two-factor authentication. The app provides a one-time code that expires within a short amount of time. If users fail to enter this code and their password correctly, they cannot log in to the system.

Seamless Deployment

Rolling out AuthAnvil’s 2FA to your system is done seamlessly and quickly. The software can sync with your directory, setting all of the security restrictions in place within seconds. The Universal Director function of AuthAnvil lets you use your current infrastructure, too, so you keep all of your systems, users, and groups in-sync across the cloud.


No system is completely identical to another, and no business’s security needs are exactly the same. AuthAnvil offers a number of different customization options, giving you the flexibility and control you need to best protect your company. All activity is recorded, allowing you to create a report of authentication methods and view how effective and easy they are for your team to use.

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Employees don’t need to log into each application every time they need to use it. Instead, with AuthAnvil’s SSO, they log into a secure dashboard that lists all of the applications they have access to. Logging into an application is as easy as logging into and launching the app from the dashboard.

AuthAnvil FastPass

While the dashboard holds all of the apps that support AuthAnvil’s SSO standards, there may be some apps that don’t accept the single sign-on credentials. For those, AuthAnvil offers a Chrome extension that records user login activity for each application and creates a shortcut to quickly and automatically log in to that application.

Credentials Manager

The AuthAnvil credentials manager makes it possible to utilize password vaults and archives to protect current passwords and prevent the use of old passwords. The password template helps users create strong passwords, while the password generator can automatically create complex passwords that are incredibly difficult to hack.

Dashboard Security

Because all logins, passwords, and apps are funneled through the AuthAnvil dashboard and its connected Chrome extension, adding and removing access to specific programs and data is very simple.

AuthAnvil Enrollment is Simple

Making use of AuthAnvil is a very easy IT outsourcing process in Los Angeles, and our crew at Be Structured Technology group will guide you through the process. First, we make use of AuthAnvil On-Demand to create different groups for your users. Together, we will assign these groups specific roles and privileges. We can create stand-alone groups, or you can build in groups that are children of other groups and inherit some of their permissions. All of this is done through the AuthAnvil web portal that can be accessed through Chrome, FireFox, and other browsers. Permissions can be set individually by group, or we can make use of pre-created roles such as Administrator, License Manager, and Security Auditor. We can also use AuthAnvil On-Demand to create policies that allow or restrict logins as needed.

The next step is to select the authentication device each user will use. Users have the choice of downloading an app to their iPhone or Android device, installing an authentication app on their Windows desktop, or even purchasing a U2F token device. Once this is complete, users will be able to access their dashboard.

How Does AuthAnvil Authentication Help Businesses?

AuthAnvil can assist businesses in a number of different ways. One of the factors that puts AuthAnvil ahead of its competition is its policy manager. This manager allows your Managed Service Provider to create custom security policies and apply them across your entire user database and applications. We can create policies that recognize and use criteria such as location, device type, department, or date/time as a form of authentication, locking out users who try to log in from remote locations or who attempt to access data in the middle of the night.

Password Auditing

AuthAnvil’s password auditing function also assists in reducing the amount of risk your company faces via hackers and other malicious individuals. This function allows you to be more proactive by viewing how your team logs in to certain data, when they need that information, and more. This then allows you to create policies that further restrict access to this sensitive information. Password audits can also reveal when incorrect credentials were entered, helping you track down potential security risks or understand when you’re under attack.

Remote Access

Being able to remotely access employee computers to push new security features, program updates, and files is highly useful and helps reduce the amount of time users spend on doing these things. Your IT staff is able to work on a user’s computer even while it’s in-use without disturbing the employee.

Compliance and Security

AuthAnvil Provides Compliance and Security While Remaining Affordable and Agile

One of the main reasons companies are attracted to AuthAnvil for their security needs is that it’s very affordable while also offering a flexible, easy to deploy solution. With AuthAnvil, all users need is one strong password and an authentication app for their smartphone or desktop. They can log in to their dashboard from any location and have access to all of their apps and files from this centralized location. There’s no need for employees to remember multiple login names and passwords. By reducing the number of logins, you reduce the number of channels to your data. The fewer channels you have, the easier it is to protect information and to see where unauthorized access came from.

Simple User Interface

AuthAnvil also makes it simple to administer and manage your user database. Because users access their apps through the desktop, it’s much easier to remove permissions when necessary. For example, when an employee leaves the company, you don’t have to remove their permissions from multiple applications or databases. Simply remove their dashboard privileges and they no longer have access to anything.

When updates to an individual computer are necessary, they can be pushed through the AuthAnvil remote login. Since many apps will be accessed via the cloud through the AuthAnvil dashboard, there aren’t as many apps to update on individual computers. This removes the risk presented by apps that haven’t been updated to the most recent secured version.

Auditing and Compliance

For companies in health, law enforcement, and other industries where regulatory compliance is vital, AuthAnvil can assist with compliance and auditing. All of these regulations, including HIPAA, CJIS, FFIECC, SOX, and PCI-DSS, require specific information to be kept highly secure and viewable only to those who need the information to do their work. AuthAnvil’s two-factor authentication helps ensure only authorized individuals can access the data, while routing access to files through a single dashboard helps reduce the number of ways hackers can attempt to break into your data.

AuthAnvil Basics

Using AuthAnvil is very simple. When a user is ready to log in to the system, they pull up the dashboard website and enter their username and password. They are then asked to enter their authentication token. They open the app on their smartphone or Windows desktop, or they tap the button on their small authentication device. They receive a one-time passcode that will expire within a few minutes. Once they enter the correct passcode, they’re given access to their dashboard.

That’s all employees need to do. From the dashboard, they can access all of their apps. AuthAnvil supplies credentials to the other apps either through the dashboard or via the Chrome extension, so employees aren’t asked for further usernames or passwords. The main thing employees will have to get used to is using the app to get their authentication token. However, because this takes very little time and doesn’t need to be done frequently, it’s a small change that doesn’t inconvenience employees.

Are Two-Factor Authentications (2FA) Vulnerable?

Of course, you do want to learn about potential vulnerabilities in two-factor authentication. Nothing is ever perfect, of course. Some authentication programs do have vulnerabilities, but AuthAnvil makes use of the most up-to-date security methods to protect your information. Because AuthAnvil is designed to integrate into and work with a wide number of different services, you’re not creating small vulnerabilities like you would with a system that isn’t 100 percent compatible.

AuthAnvil’s smartphone app also allows users to verify that they are logging into the network as a form of secondary authentication. Since this is done through the mobile network, it’s a completely separate channel from the one that submitted their user login and password. Hackers would have to break into two separate data channels to intercept both authentication methods, which is incredibly difficult. This out-of-band method used by AuthAnvil makes it a much better authentication option than SMS and TOTP, both of which are more vulnerable.

Let Be Structured Technology Group, Inc. Help You with AuthAnvil Enrollment

If you’re ready to try AuthAnvil, let Be Structured is here to help. As a Los Angeles AuthAnvil consulting and implementation service, we can assist you in exploring everything that this security solution has to offer. Don’t leave your company’s sensitive data vulnerable—doing so can lead to a massive data breach that can end your company. AuthAnvil provides an easy, quick way of deploying custom security solutions across your entire network. With flexibility and scalability, you are able to create solutions that work for you. Contact Be Structured today to discuss how AuthAnvil can help you and to begin enrollment.

What Are You Doing To Protect Your Network?

Be Structured helps you formulate concrete answers to questions like this.

Empower Your Team With Awareness Training

Are You At Risk For A Cyber Attack? Ninety-five percent of network security breaches are due to human error. Empowering your team with the knowledge and skills to identify cybersecurity threats is essential to keeping your network protected. After all, a team of cybersecurity experts can only protect your network so much; at a certain point, it’s up to your everyday users to sidestep threats before they cripple your network. That’s where cybersecurity awareness training, such as phishing email training from Be Structured, comes into play.

The first step to cultivating a culture of cybersecurity awareness is simply to inform your team about the reality of cyber threats. As new threats emerge, it’s critical to provide ongoing training that helps employees spot threats and avoid them. Phishing email training is one of the most straightforward ways of accomplishing this goal. When you partner with Be Structured, it’s easy to ensure your team stays one step ahead of cybercriminals by automating ongoing phishing attacks.

Phishing email training automatically sends team members simulated phishing attacks on an ongoing basis. Your team will be able to report the email as phishing or, if caught unaware, click on one of the links. If they report the email, they’re congratulated and notified that it was a simulated attack. If, however, they fall victim to the simulated attack, they’re required to complete an additional security awareness training course online to bolster their awareness. Read more about Antivirus and Antimalware here.

Comprehensive Cybersecurity Solutions

When you partner with Be Structured, we secure your network with a comprehensive cybersecurity platform that protects every level of your operations. Our approach includes the latest network security strategies like dark web scanning and phishing email training, all for one fixed monthly price.

With Be Structured overseeing your larger cybersecurity needs and threats, you can be confident you’re staying ahead of the latest developments in the industry while preparing for the challenges of tomorrow. As part of our cybersecurity package, we protect you from external threats such as data breaches and unauthorized access to your network, while also guarding against internal threats with disaster recovery solutions.

Los Angeles IT Support

If you’re ready to take a more proactive approach to cybersecurity, you need a team of experts developing and overseeing your overarching security roadmap. Be Structured has the experience and skills to develop customized cybersecurity strategies around your unique operations. We’ll work with you to assess your team’s workflows from the inside out and keep you protected from internal and external threats. Get in touch with our team today to start exploring how much your cybersecurity platform can be doing to protect your bottom line and mission-critical data.