In-House vs. Outsourced IT Services

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Outsourced IT support hasn’t been around that long, but they are growing at an incredible rate.

In 2021, the global industry for outsourced IT services was worth about $161 billion. However, with a growth rate of more than 12% per year, this is expected to reach $311 billion by 2027.

Most industries on the planet never achieve this kind of growth. What is responsible for this incredible increase in demand for outsourced IT services? More and more businesses are realizing how many advantages local managed IT services can provide.

Read on to learn all about the most important advantages that outsourcing IT might be able to provide for you as well!

Managed IT Can Provide Faster Solutions

Many people are unclear about what managed IT services are. Instead of having technical experts work only at your company to take care of only your technology needs, outsourced technical support teams provide technology support for many companies at the same time. This is the essential structural difference in outsourced IT services that lead to all of their advantages.

For example, if someone in IT at your company gets sick, you might have to deal with less technical support until they get better. However, with a managed IT Los Angeles based team, someone else can pick up the slack for your company if you need support.

Local IT support can also provide faster solutions to many technological problems. When technical experts work at a single company, they often have to deal with new problems that they have never seen before. After all, most companies do not suffer from most technical problems.

When a novel problem arises at a company, in-house experts have to figure out what is going on so that they can come up with a solution. Contrast this to IT support companies geared to provide 24/7 technical services to businesses that reside close by.

That means, if your require Pasadena IT support or Burbank IT support, you want to partner with a company that’s centrally located to your business. So if there is a problem that cannot be remedied remotely, that outsourced IT support near you can be on site within minutes to prevent long periods of downtime.

Because an IT support Los Angeles company provides services for so many companies, they have probably seen any problem you experience many times before with other companies. That means that they spend much less time figuring out what is going on and coming up with a solution.

Instead, their standard procedure is often to simply apply whatever best solution the team has come up with before in similar situations. That means that your technical problems can be resolved with a minimum of delay.

Considering how much time is of the essence when it comes to maintaining the technology that allows a business to function, this can be a reason all by itself to go with managed IT services.

Outsourcing IT Can Lead To More Permanent Solutions

The solutions that an outsource technical support team provides will not only come faster. There is also a good chance that they will work better. After all, when an in-house technical expert comes up with a solution, you are often seeing their first attempt to solve a novel problem.

In contrast, a skilled Los Angeles managed service provider has workshopped many potential solutions to most problems. Sometimes, poor solutions solve a problem only in the short term. Then, you have to solve them again when things go wrong again weeks or months later.

However, when this happens without outsourced IT teams, they try different solutions. Eventually, they come up with a solution that solves the problem as well as possible. That is the solution that you will be enjoying without delay when you work with an outsourced tech support team.

Outsourced Technical Support Often Costs Less

When people hear about a service that provides better quality, they often assume that they will be paying more for it. However, the opposite is often the case when it comes to outsourcing information technology needs.

When someone makes their entire living by providing technology support to a single company, they have no choice but to charge that company enough money for them to live off of. However, outsourced tech support companies can afford to charge each of the many companies they work with a lower price because they work with so many companies.

That means that you can often enjoy superior results at a lower price.

Hiring a Los Angeles Managed Service Provider Increases Flexibility

Outsourced IT support services also increases flexibility.

What happens to a company when it grows by 30%? It may need about 30% more technology support. However, it may be difficult to grow the in-house technology support team by 30%.

That is even more true when it comes to small companies that only have a single technology support member. However, if such a company does not hire anyone new, the single technical staff member may have more work than they can manage on their own.

Outsourcing IT can be the solution. If you need 30% more support, you can pay for extra support and be done with it. You don’t have to hire anyone new.

This may be even more helpful when it comes to shrinking needs. If your company goes through a difficult time and shrinks, you may find it difficult to lay off technology support staff members.

But you can pay for a little less support from an outsource team instead. That way, you only pay for the technology support you need.

In-House Versus Outsourced IT Availability

No matter how skilled a technology expert is, they cannot provide service around the clock. It takes a team of people to be able to provide support whenever a company needs it. That is another advantage that outsourced IT teams can provide.

Many such services provide technology support around the clock every day of the week.

They may even be able to provide the same support for your customers. That can improve the customer experience, leading to higher growth rates. Such service may even become expected.

Understand the Advantages of Outsourced IT Services

The more you know about the advantages of outsourced IT services, the better you can understand why there is so much demand for them. Whether you want to cut costs or increase performance, outsourcing IT is often the right answer.

If you’ve Googled, “outsourced IT support near me” recently and have yet to find a fit, get in touch with Be Structured  and discover our professional and affordable 24/7 local IT support solutions today!

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