How Local IT Support in Los Angeles Improves Business Growth

local it support in Los Angeles
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“Shop local” has become a rallying cry in recent years, especially during and after the pandemic. Research suggests that many of us continue to support local brands in the wake of the lockdowns, with around half of us shopping for and searching online for businesses with a local presence.

Grabbing fresh local produce and supporting local artists is an easy concept to swallow, but should you be hunting for local IT support as well? Does a smaller company really make a difference when you could just get remote services from a big national brand? The answer is a resounding “Yes!”

Partnering with a Los Angeles IT services provider is a great way to enhance your business’s security, support, and even compliance. If you’re not sure why finding a local brand makes a difference, let’s take a look at some of the perks you’ll enjoy from a business like Be Structured.

Local IT support Means Quick Response Times

With the ease of modern connectivity, it’s easy to hire IT services based across the country or around the world. Of course, these far-flung companies may not be your best bet when you need fast customer support.

Time differences can make it tough to reach out to a support team elsewhere in the world. Worse, every minute can be invaluable when you’re dealing with a potential threat, website downtime, or other serious issues.

With local service, you can expect prompt responses and solutions without delay. Thanks to their close proximity, any follow-up service or extra help will often happen in far less time as well. When you need emergency assistance, be sure to trust your IT needs to a Los Angeles provider!

An On-Site IT Support Company

Most forms of data protection and IT support can happen from anywhere. Providers can often fix problems without ever coming to your business.

However, don’t underestimate the value of in-person assistance! When it’s easier or faster to fix an issue right on your property, a local IT support company can send a technician to help. In addition, some IT problems may require on-site support.

An “IT Support Company Near Me” Means Face to Face Meetings

For some business owners, in-person meetings are preferable. Explaining pain points, difficulties, and inefficiencies face to face is often easier than by email or phone, and it may result in a speedier fix.

This benefit gets even better if you or your team need education on your IT services or systems. Depending on the local IT company, you may be able to arrange on-site training to help your business learn cybersecurity best practices, understand new software or equipment, and more.

VIP Treatment

It’s not hard to find a major corporate IT company to partner with: a simple online search will do the trick. These companies serve hundreds and even thousands of clients, and they do it by delivering the same standard services to everyone. This is often fine until you need to get hold of them fast or you want personalized support!

When you partner with a local outsourced IT support company, you can trust that you’re getting VIP treatment every time. Smaller brands offer a wealth of benefits that big-box companies can’t.

Quick, direct support is a given, along with fast resolution. However, one of the biggest benefits of working with a small, local brand is personalized services. Local IT companies are often able to tailor their services to your company’s needs, making it easy to get exactly what you want.

Personalized Attention

Though it’s a smaller benefit, personalized attention is another great perk of a local brand.

Larger, out-of-state IT companies often need constant refreshers on your brand and what you do. Without this knowledge, they may try to upsell you to plans and services that would never work for the type of operation you run.

If you’re hoping to find technicians who get to know you by name, remember your company’s needs and pain points, and talk to you like you’re part of the team, a local IT company is ideal.

Fuel Your Local Community

If you represent a small business in Los Angeles, you already know how important local brands can be for our community. Supporting regional businesses stimulates the local economy, ensuring that your money gets invested back into the community. In fact, small businesses put $68 back into the local economy for every $100 spent with them!

Working with local brands also keeps jobs local. It nurtures growth and innovation within the city, which helps keep our local region competitive.

If you encourage others to support your local brand, why not keep those profits cycling throughout LA? Trusting local IT services is a great way to benefit the neighborhoods and communities you love. If you’re grateful to buyers who support your brand, consider paying it forward!

Outsourced IT Support Services Benefits

In addition to the benefits above, supporting a local managed IT company lets you reap the same benefits you’d get from any other outsourced provider. This includes the following:

  • A versatile, experienced team of technicians
  • Reduced labor costs when compared with hiring an internal employee
  • Easy, flexible budget control for growing companies
  • Scalable services that grow with your brand
  • The ability to focus on your core business needs rather than your IT needs
  • Decreased cybersecurity risk
  • Guaranteed compliance
  • Better disaster planning and recovery
  • High-quality services due to IT specialization

In other words, if you are considering outsourcing your brand’s IT services to take advantage of the perks above, choosing a local company earns you additional benefits you won’t want to miss!

Partner With the Right Local IT Support Company

Local IT support is an easy way to upgrade your business fast. No matter the size of your brand, local support helps you get the personalized services you need the minute you need them. For companies concerned about cybersecurity risks, IT support, or downtime, finding a provider based in Los Angeles should be a no-brainer!

Whether you’re hoping to outsource your IT services for the first time or you want to downsize from a huge international provider, Be Structured can help.

As a trusted Los Angeles IT services team, we’re here to help you get the flexible, secure services you need to grow your brand.

Learn more about what Be Structured Technology Group can do by calling (323) 331-9452 or by filling out our online form.

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