How IT Solutions Empower Teams and Boost Sales

IT services in Los Angeles boost sales

Only 36% of American employees are actively engaged while on the job. This low figure often stems from frustration, a lack of assistance, and feeling unappreciated. It is also likely so low because employees are unimpressed by daily activities or slowed down by the network or office environment.

Here, we’re going to talk about some ways that IT support solutions for any industry can get employees engaged and increase sales performance. Read on to learn how improving your technology can also improve sales.

IT Support Reduces Downtime

Downtime is one of the most common time-wasters for businesses. It can also lose you a lot of money. The average organization will lose about $600,000 annually to downtime.

This is because business and production processes abruptly end when the network goes down. Sometimes it may glitch because of a network outage, but other times it may be technical. Application shutdowns and unavailability also are common causes of downtime.

For local businesses, IT services in Los Angeles and the surrounding areas can stop your business from losing too much money to downtime. They do this by constantly monitoring network trends, identifying blips in those trends, and troubleshooting them before a network or application outage can take place.

This increases sales performance on multiple levels. First, people won’t need to take time away from sales because of a lack of access to the network. This means that they won’t waste hours, days, or even weeks just sitting in the office waiting for their portal to work again.

They also will feel as though the company cares about sales enablement. They won’t become frustrated and disengaged because the network shuts down. They will be more willing to improve sales because of higher interest in their jobs.

IT Consulting Ensures Less Frustration

Computer frustration is a very real issue that many businesses contend with. Sales jobs are dependent on technology, and the typical user has computer problems about once every 4 months. They will spend 12 hours monthly trying to troubleshoot and resolve these issues.

Because good business IT services prevent downtime and glitching, your employees won’t need to contend with as many computer issues. This stops them from becoming annoyed and irritated while at work.

They’re more likely to prioritize sales, feel loyal to the company, and be pleasant and engaging when talking with clients. They won’t have a negative impact on morale or become upset with the company.

They also are more likely to experience job satisfaction and continue working with you long-term. This means that you can add more money to sales department funding since you won’t need to constantly hire and onboard new sales members.

Outsourced Tech Support Improves Team Cohesion

Outsourced IT support also helps you to make the most of existing communication tools. Messaging applications and calling software won’t go offline. Sales team members can better communicate with one another about their jobs.

They can also better collaborate with other departments in your company. For example, if your sales staff needs to get in touch with the accounting department, a fully-managed 24/7 IT support company can make sure that the application is up and running consistently. They also will provide constant updates and upgrades to keep everything running smoothly.

Better access to communications tools also means that sales teams can effectively communicate with clients, make sales, and resolve customer service issues.

Average companies lose $62 million per year because of bad communication between employees. Don’t let this happen to you.

Providing Consistent IT Support and IT Security

Regular support is one of the best ways that fully managed IT can improve your sales team. Outsourced tech support companies like Be Structured Technology Group are always available to assist sales associates with IT issues that they’re facing.

We work tirelessly to keep applications up and running. However, when there is a problem, we’re willing to work toward an immediate solution. This means that there won’t be any long-term issues with glitching and downtime that keep sales teams from doing their jobs.

It also ensures that everyone is in the know about how to use their technology. IT teams will tell them exactly how applications should work and what they should do in the event of an issue. They won’t be left wondering how to fix it and getting frustrated with an inability to do so.

Outsourcing tech support not only provides better support, but it also has financial impacts on your business. You won’t need to find, hire, train, and onboard an in-house IT expert. This saves you the money of hiring a new employee.

You also won’t need to worry about the quality of your hire and help. Managed IT services already vet their employees. The assistance will truly be of professional quality.

How to Provide Better Security

A single data breach can cost an American company over $5 million. These costs have been increasing steadily over time and are likely to go up even more in 2023.

With Managed IT solutions, you will get:

  • Top-notch professional-grade firewalls
  • Multifactor authentication features
  • 24/7 trend monitoring for unusual network activity
  • Immediate real-time notifications when an issue is detected
  • Support and communication throughout any potential problem

This can keep your sales team productive in several ways. They will feel safe and secure while conducting business and can rest assured that their information may not be stolen.

It also creates sales enablement because clients will feel protected. Your sales team can inform them of how they secure personal and financial information. For many clients, this may help you stand out over competitors.

Boost Sales Performance With IT Solutions

Now that you know how top-notch IT solutions can bolster sales performance, it’s time to work with California’s best tech team for sales enablement. At Be Structured, we’re committed to providing fully-managed IT solutions to businesses of all sizes.

We’ll provide constant updates, support, and security checks to make sure you’re running at full capacity. Contact our award-winning team to learn how we can improve your communication tools and sales enablement strategies.

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