How Important Is Network Infrastructure to My IT System?

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Have you ever considered the importance of your network infrastructure?

Countries depend on civil infrastructure. It delivers access to needed resources like roads and railroads.

Likewise, companies depend on IT infrastructures. It enables employees to help firms meet their goals.

Keep reading to learn how important network infrastructure is to your IT system.

Understanding Network Infrastructure

Network infrastructure includes your company’s hardware, software, networks, and digital resources. You use these resources to work toward a common goal. They enable you to perform tasks, such as:

  • Controlling
  • Delivery
  • Development
  • Monitoring
  • Testing

These tasks support your business environment.

Well-managed network infrastructure supplies operational continuity. It ensures improved connectivity, productivity, and network security. Still, you must update your network infrastructure regularly.

Why Your Infrastructure Matters

Network infrastructure transforms your organization into a collaborative, knowledgeable, customer-centric machine. It helps you end latency and waste.

Your network also helps you balance resources and demand. Furthermore, it empowers you to speed up your business processes.

In California, a skilled IT consulting Los Angeles based company can help you transform your legacy infrastructure. You, too, can enjoy the benefits of today’s converged cloud-based network services.

Today Data Is Just as Important as Your Core Focus

More companies have embraced digital transformation. Network infrastructure is common among many firms.

Here, it helps to understand modern networks. Employee, customer, IoT, and customer devices now make up your network infrastructure.

These components are the “edge.” People use these devices to connect to your network. This makes them part of your infrastructure.

As a result, networks must evolve. Fixed legacy systems don’t consider edge networking. They’re becoming irrelevant.

Your company needs a reliable infrastructure. Without it, your organization will face challenges. They’ll impact your customers and employees.

Good Network Infrastructure Helps You Make the Most of Talent

It’s becoming challenging to find and keep skilled talent. Most likely, you invest considerably in finding and hiring qualified personnel.

However, the best talent in the world would do little good without a reliable IT infrastructure. Your network infrastructure must support maximum productivity. It’s essential to invest in the best networking solution for your company’s needs.

Defining Your Network Infrastructure

Most people equate network infrastructure with the IT environment. In this environment, multiple devices connect to your network.

They use wired and wireless connections. There are also software and hardware components that connect to your network.

Together, these components accelerate or enable many network functions. These functions might include:

  • External communication
  • Internal communication
  • Connectivity
  • Management
  • Operations

You need the right network infrastructure management techniques to enjoy the best performance. The proper techniques will also improve resource availability. What’s more, they’ll help you find solutions quickly for the problems you face every day. Outsourced IT support can be a huge help to maintain the proper infrastructure techniques.

How Your Network Affects Your Company

Your network can give you critical opportunities to enhance your agility. You can use your network infrastructure to transform your business.

It’s a tool that supports resource sharing throughout your organization. It’s also critical for facilitating next-generation digital practices.

Your network should evolve as you embrace digital transformation. Yet, it’s also critical to avoid disruptions in service.

You must keep network resources available as much as possible. Your customers won’t wait for your digital transformation.


Companies face many challenges when managing network infrastructure. For example, duplicate data is an issue faced by many companies. In some instances, duplicate information can make up 50% to 70% of network traffic.

You must learn to centralize and merge traffic. It’s possible you operate several websites, subnets, and physical locations.

If so, it’s essential to deploy a centralized network hub. It will help you track your network.

A centralized hub will also help you improve network visibility. More importantly, it will make network infrastructure management easier and more practical.

You must also think about network infrastructure. Consider how it applies to the growth of your company.

As your company grows, your network will evolve. Each time your network grows, you add potential points of failure.

Overcoming Infrastructure Obstacles

IoT implementation is increasing. It’s become the core of companies’ digital transformation strategies. The number of connected endpoints is growing in tandem.

Today, Wi-Fi is an important way of connecting to network infrastructure. It speeds access compared to hardwired connections.

Yet, Wi-Fi does something else. It creates a combination of many new connections.

These new connections include IoT endpoints and mobile devices. They also include cloud computing. In turn, these devices create new security risks.

You must shift your network infrastructure. You need a reliable framework to enhance your network infrastructure security. Firms can no longer rely on one massive firewall usually used to protect legacy networks.

What Managed Services Can Do for You

There’s a lot to process if your company is undergoing digital transformation. As a result, many companies partner with an IT provider.

A skilled IT support company offers in-depth networking expertise. They can help you run a clean, efficient network infrastructure.

Today, networks are a mix of cloud and in-house networks. Network infrastructure is often composed of an assortment of vendors. It includes various external networks.

These components are the foundation for successful companies. At the same time, protecting and cultivating a healthy network infrastructure in this environment is a complex job.

Is Your Network Infrastructure Future-Ready?

Now you know how important network infrastructure is to your IT system. Be Structured Technology Group can provide you with the right insight.

We’ll help you through your digital transformation. By partnering with us, you can overcome problems specific to your industry.

Our technicians will help you create a network infrastructure that’s reliable and boosts performance. We can build a foundation that supports your daily functions securely.

Feel free to learn more about our network installation services.

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