Be Structured Technology Group Featured on Clutch for Being Excellent

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The relentless waves of technological advancement of the past decade have changed and continue to change nearly every industry imaginable, with new developments greatly raising the capabilities of many businesses. But this is not always the case. Most businesses lack the capability to capitalize on these developments on their own, contracting the help of industry experts to aid them.

We are proud to be one such partner, helping firms across several industries move their data and operations into the 21st century. We have spoken before about our inclusion on Clutch, and we are pleased to share that we maintain our status as one of the top Managed IT services in Los Angeles on their directory of vendors. We were recognized as an industry leader before, but we have risen through the ranks and are now listed as fifth overall out of the 126 firms included on this directory.

Our status as one of the leading IT firms in Los Angeles is due mostly to what our clients have said about us. Especially feedback such as this,

“They follow a step by step procedure and test to make sure all is order before moving forward. Projects are executed flawlessly from start to finish.”
– CCO, Salem Partners, LLC

Verified feedback is the best way for us to gauge our success for our clients, and the reviews that we have received have been immensely helpful. We look forward to continuing to use these reviews to improve our services and hone our trade.

Clutch Be Structured MSP Profile

Clutch Be Structured MSP Profile

In addition to our presence as a top firm on Clutch, we are also featured as one of the top IT consultants in Los Angeles on their sister-site, The Manifest.

The Manifest is an industry resource to firms of all shapes and sizes, offering curated insights and how-to guides to address a wide array of challenges.

We were included thanks to the quality of our work and the size of our team, and our presence as a top firm on two industry resources helps highlight our status as a trusted digital partner.

And to further demonstrate that level of quality to the world, we have created a profile on Visual Objects, a platform for firms to share portfolio items with their prospective clients.

We are grateful to be recognized as a leader in our industry, we have full confidence in the quality of our work but it is nice to receive the occasional accolade.

Thank you to everyone who has helped us reach this point, your support is a true gift, and we could not have reached this point without you.

As always, if you have any questions, comments, or just want to talk shop, you know how to reach us.

About Chad Lauterbach

CEO at Be Structured Technology Group, Inc. a Los Angeles based provider of Managed IT Services for small business. I desire to help small businesses better utilize technology by assisting in high level planning to make sure that new systems will benefit them both operationally and financially. I am careful to implement and support systems using industry best practices.