5 Benefits of Working with an IT Support Company

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In 2021, global cybercrime inflicted a total of $6 trillion in damages. By 2025, damages could reach $10.5 trillion.

Unfortunately, an attack could hurt your brand’s reputation long-term. In fact, 59% of buyers will avoid companies that suffered attacks in the past year. With help from an IT support company, you can remain secure.

That’s not all! Read on to discover the top benefits of working with a Los Angeles managed service provider this year.

After reading this guide, you can make an informed decision for your company’s future.

1. Focus on Your Business

How often do you have to pause what you’re doing due to an IT issue? Technical difficulties can hurt your entire team by reducing productivity. If these problems occur often, your employees might get frustrated enough to quit, too.

Unfortunately, many businesses still utilize the “break-fix” method to resolve IT issues.

They wait for a problem to impede productivity, pause everything, then waste time troubleshooting before finding a solution. The break-fix method for fixing problems can waste valuable time, energy, and money. Meanwhile, you’ll lose time you could otherwise spend on growing your business.

Relying on help from an experienced and local IT support company will allow you to focus on your business, employees, and customers. Your employees won’t have to stop what they’re doing to fix a technical issue, either. Instead, they can maintain their attention on the job at hand.

If there’s ever an issue, you can feel confident knowing one of your dedicated IT technicians are on it.

They can get you back up and running immediately, allowing you to focus on revenue-generating opportunities instead.

2. Access to Relevant Expertise

It’s sometimes difficult to make informed decisions regarding your IT infrastructure if you lack relevant experience. Neglecting to make informed IT decisions could waste valuable time and money. Meanwhile, you might neglect to choose products, services, or programs that can help your business grow.

Before you CIO starts searching for “IT support companies near me“, make a list of the goals you want to accomplish in the upcoming year. Then, determine which IT services will help you accomplish those goals.

Your local IT support team can help you make a customized service plan based on your needs. With their help, you can accomplish your goals by making informed decisions for your company.

Their years of experience and expertise can benefit your company in the long run.

Choose a company that has experience helping businesses within your niche, too. Their relevant experience could give you an advantage within your industry. These outsourced tech support companies will have a better understanding of your business, industry, competitors, and customers.

They’ll have an easier time recommending IT services that align with your current and long-term needs.

You can also leverage their expertise if you have a specific problem outside the scope of your in-house IT team’s abilities. If you’re working on a specific project, you can even outsource complex tasks to an IT professional. Meanwhile, your in-house team can focus on projects within their scope.

Having access to experienced, knowledgeable IT professionals can give your business the support it needs to grow.

3. Increased Security

Remember, cyberattacks can hurt your business. For example, a hacker can hold delicate customer information for ransom. An attack could lead you to shut down your business.

An attack can hurt your brand’s reputation as well. Future and current customers might not trust your brand if you’ve fallen victim to an attack. They might decide to take their business elsewhere as a result.

Enhancing your company’s security with IT support services can help you provide customers with a better experience. There’s an 80% increase for businesses that focus on improving customer experiences. In fact, 44.5% of companies compete based on customer experience.

Over 70% of customers also claim that customer experience can drive their buying decisions. About 86% will even pay more if they’ll receive a better customer experience.

Utilizing the skills of a cyber security company in Los Angeles can help you provide the safest and best possible experience for your customers. Improving the customer experience can help you generate brand trust and loyalty. Loyal customers will help you generate repeat sales, boosting your company’s ROI.

4. Remain Relevant

If you’re not utilizing managed IT services at the moment, your business could fall behind the curve. You could give your competitors the chance to take the lead instead.

Consumers want to choose brands they can trust. If your business is using antiquated programs, they might struggle to trust your brand. They’ll turn to one of your competitors instead.

You might unintentionally struggle to remain compliant as well. You might receive a hefty fine if you’re not up-to-date with the latest compliance regulations.

Your IT support company will ensure you never fall behind. Instead, they can help you find new ways to get ahead of the competition. With their help, you can remain informed and relevant.

5. Gain Immediate Help

If your team encounters an IT issue, you can’t wait to resolve the problem. The longer you wait, the more likely the issue will hurt your operations and productivity. Remember, consumers might get frustrated with your business as well.

Investing in managed IT support in Los Angeles will ensure you always have immediate help when you need it

Your managed IT support team can step in if there’s ever a problem. Some IT companies even offer 24/7 remote monitoring and management services. If your business is closed for the evening, they’ll step in to fix the problem before you arrive in the morning.

Knowing they’re available to help can give you peace of mind for the future.

Experience the Benefits of Partnering With an IT Support Company in Los Angeles Today

Don’t let your business falter this year. Instead, consider the benefits of partnering with an experienced IT support company. Leveraging their experience and expertise can help you set your business up for success.

With our managed IT services, you can boost productivity, customer loyalty, and your ROI.

Want to experience these benefits firsthand? Be Structured Technology Group is here for you.

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