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A Managed Service Provider in Los Angeles Is The ‘Doctors’ of Technology That Support the Healthcare Industry

When we think of hospitals, we think of all of the doctors, nurses, and specialists working around the clock to save people’s lives.

As all sectors of the healthcare industry are being hit hard and in a critical triage in our current healthcare climate, everyone’s focus shifts to the demands as they continue to escalate.

While in crisis mode, vulnerabilities in other areas can be exposed, especially in the security and management of healthcare technology.

If your one of the thousands of healthcare professionals working in Southern California, partnering with a company specializing in managed IT services in Los Angeles can help manage security risks while your healthcare company is busy saving lives.

MSPs Make Healthcare Industry Internal IT Support More Effective

Some hospitals, labs, and private practices opt to have internal IT support staff to be on-site to deal with immediate needs that arise. Updating software, connecting new printers to the network, onboarding employees, and dealing with basic IT support happens every day.

This may work to keep the teams within an organization productive at the surface level, but internal IT support can’t handle the daily demands caused by the ever-evolving  cyber threat landscape.

Some of the ways outsourced IT support services manage and mitigate risk are below:

AN MSP in Los Angeles Provides Security Services Tailored to the Healthcare Industry

The Healthcare Industry is a huge target for cyber-attackers worldwide. The amount of PII and Financial Data they store on any given day is in the thousands if not millions – especially if the hospital is associated with a larger healthcare provider like Kaiser, Hospital Corporation of America, or Dignity Health.

A data breach or phishing scam could lead to launching a successful ransomware attack which would totally debilitate entire departments within the hospital until the ransom was paid to the cyber-attacker.

Any stolen information obtained during one of these attacks could be sold on the Dark Web for identity thieves to use for their own financial gain. A growing trend in the cyber-criminal community is stealing the social security numbers and other personal identifiable information of children.

This information fetches a higher price among cybercriminals because it can be used and undetected for years.

Having a local IT support company not only helps protect your digital assets but also protects your clients as well as your reputation.

A Los Angeles Managed Service Provider Makes the Healthcare Industry More Productive and Profitable

Technology is at the forefront of the healthcare industry and paving the way for new discoveries in medicine, advanced medical equipment, and the manufacturing of medicines and products.

The technology that makes the healthcare industry tick is more than the fancy new gadgets and life-changing drugs – it’s all the networks that make of the informational framework of the entire organization. It’s all the technology you can’t see that is the lifeblood behind the productivity.

Just as the Healthcare Industry adapts to new procedures and discoveries in the latest medical practices, it should also have that mindset of adaptation of maintaining and upgrading it’s information technology. Old equipment, outdated software, sluggish internet connections, poorly designed networks and poor data management can silently hinder productivity and profitability.

Partnering with an award-winning outsourced tech support company like Be Structured will help you analyze areas of your organization that could potentially save you time and also strengthen your security.

IT Support Companies Help The Healthcare Industry Plan For Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

The healthcare industry is at the front lines of disasters – no matter what part of the country or world you live in. They are trained and well versed in the working to save lives on a massive scale when the unthinkable hits because a hospital is the first place we rely on to get the care they need in the midst of a crisis.

But what happens if disaster strikes a hospital or healthcare facility?  

Do they have a plan to recover the potential loss of data?

Will their business still thrive if they are forced to move to a new building in a safer location or operate out of a temporary structure?

Earthquakes, fires, floods, and human error can send a hospital in a nosedive if they don’t have a plan in place to safeguard their technology and have a plan in place for business continuity in extreme circumstances.

A good Los Angeles Managed Service Provider will have a team of technology professionals that can be deployed to manage the critical ‘technology triage’ when you need it most.

An IT Services Los Angeles Based Company Will Help You With HIPPA Compliance

Whether you are starting your own practice or a well-established hospital, HIPPA compliance is not only necessary, it’s also the law.

Some of the benchmarks for a passing grade include cybersecurity, network infrastructure, and data management. Securing the Personal Identifying Information of all patients both past and present is critical for successful adherence to the law.

As technology changes, HIPPA security policies change as well. Keeping up with the advances of technology is not just part of providing the best healthcare possible, it’s part of managing every single facet posed by daily security threats and vulnerabilities.

Outsourced tech support companies help manage any changes to the law to keep your organization compliant.

Because hospitals and healthcare providers are a goldmine of personal information as well as financial data in their billing departments- they are one of the biggest targets for cyber attackers because there is a goldmine of information that can be used for identity theft, and hold information that can also be sold on the Dark Web.

MSPs Help Manage The HIPPA Protocols That Change Every Year

HIPPA takes these measures seriously and implements them to everyone in the Healthcare Industry as changes and improvements arise every year.

What was not necessary to manage and track one year won’t apply to the next year because technology changes rapidly and the cyberattacks against technology is changing daily!

Some hospitals may have their own internal IT Support Departments.

However, having outsourced IT support services that are beyond the time and personnel limitations posed by their internal IT support departments is not only smart, it’s also vital.

IT Support Near Me in Los Angeles Offers Critical Assistance During A HIPPA Audit

If your Healthcare Company has ever experienced a painstaking HIPPA audit, you know that having a local IT support company will get you through the technology and network security portion protocols smoothly.

It’s a huge relief to have an MSP partner with you and shoulder some of the weight of responsibility. MSPs with experience will know how to navigate and address every technology and network security issue brought up during an audit, but also help you be proactive in safeguarding against any red flags that may prompt another future audit.

If you are looking for a better way to manage your information technology as well as safeguard it against cyber-attackers and internal threats, contact Be Structured Technology Group today to set up a free consultation.

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