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Whether your company works in wealth management or accounting, a trusted IT managed service provider is essential for your ongoing success, security, and prosperity. We love working with businesses all over Irvine and giving them the best IT solutions we can. If you’re running a small- to medium-sized business, Be Structured is the ideal choice for monitoring and servicing your computer systems. Rapidly responding to your system issues is our priority because we want your company to run efficiently and thrive. If you’re looking for a first-rate managed service provider, we’d love to visit you and see how we can meet your IT needs.

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We provide cost-effective IT solutions for Irvine-based organizations, including:

Comprehensive Technology Solutions

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MSP Services

At Be Structured, our team specializes in managed service provider (MSP) solutions designed around how your team works. We strive to deliver hands-on IT solutions that are so comprehensive it’s like having your own IT department. We work with you to clarify your technology goals, understand your team’s workflows, and address all your organizational needs with one comprehensive technology platform, all for one fixed monthly fee.

By partnering with Be Structured, you can be confident your team always has access to the latest technology so they can get more done in less time, while keeping you ahead of competitors. Even if you already have an in-house IT team, we’re happy to work alongside them to expand your IT strategies while bringing our depth of experience to the table.

Cloud Solutions

There’s no denying that cloud technology has taken the IT world by storm. While other providers promote the cloud as a simple solution for all your IT problems, our team takes a slightly different approach. While we don’t deny the cloud environment offers a robust solution for data storage and management, we’ve found that a cloud solution only really works when you have a team of experts managing and leveraging your services.

The success of a cloud platform hinges on seamless integration with your organization’s workflows, and Be Structured has the experience to manage your cloud initiatives. And because we foster transparent partnerships, our team only recommends cloud migration if doing so will add lasting value to your organization.

If together we decide the cloud could benefit your business, we have many options we can explore. Whether you’re interested in public cloud services, a hosted private cloud, or a hybrid cloud, we work with your team to develop a streamlined solution that keeps you protected from industry-specific threats and data loss.

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Platforms

What strategies does your organization have in place to restore network function in the event of a disaster or outage? Chances are, your organization depends on a reliable network for mission-critical tasks. Our business continuity experts can help you formulate concrete disaster preparedness strategies that mitigate risk while preparing you for worst-case scenarios.

Once we’ve taken the time to understand what systems your team relies on for day-to-day operations, we develop a customized business continuity plan. We develop real-world backup strategies, so everyone knows exactly what to do if disaster strikes. To be as effective as possible, our disaster recovery solutions emphasize redundancy, so you always have access to the latest file versions. If anything happens to your original data, we can deploy a quick reroute to help get your team back on track with minimal downtime.

Take Control of Your Technology

If your organization is in Irvine or Southern California and you’ve been looking for the ideal MSP partner, reach out to the IT experts at Be Structured. We work with you to understand your goals so we can develop a technology platform that covers everything from ongoing maintenance and support services to network integration and disaster recovery. When you partner with Be Structured, we elevate your network solutions to drive business growth while preparing your team for the challenges of tomorrow.