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What Is Webroot?Webroot Anti-Virus Anti-Malware

When it comes to ensuring that your technology is working to help you succeed, our promise to you at Be Structured Technology Group Inc., is to always make sure that your information is safe. We understand how many different directions a threat may come from, so you don’t have to. Our goal as a managed service provider is to ensure that you can trust the recommendations, we have about keeping yourself and your business safe with our security services, including our anti-virus and anti-malware software solutions. That way, you can focus solely on keeping your business growing and thriving.

One of the strongest forms of protection we provide is the Webroot® SecureAnywhere anti-virus (AV) and anti-malware (AM) product. This program allows us to be able to provide security solutions that are fully cloud-based. It learns how to monitor and adapt to any type of protection you need, based on the threats you are most likely to face. Webroot® offers protection against many types of risks, including:

  • Ransomware
  • Trojans
  • Network infections
  • Browser attacks
  • Crypto-threats
  • Malware
  • Spyware
  • Automated threats
  • Phishing
  • And more

Webroot® anti-malware and anti-virus protection continuously monitors the types of threats you face and is able to predict what is coming so it can keep every bit of your information safe and secure. This is effective against both single and multi-vector threats that come at you or your business from anywhere. That means that if an attack occurs, Webroot is there to protect you in real-time, making this solution far more effective than any other solution your business may currently have in place.

Benefits of Using Webroot

As an MSP, Los Angeles businesses have come to rely on the information we provide them. As such, we make sure that we take the time to learn and understand every aspect of the services or products that we use and recommend. This is why we are happy to share our thoughts on some of the incredible benefits that come with using this cloud-based software. Aside from the fact that it is always up to date, you can expect benefits like these as well:

30-second Installation: Putting Webroot® to work only takes 30 seconds. Plus, it is not going to conflict with any other software you have running. So, regardless of any type of updates you need to preform, or if you ever have to install Webroot® on an addition system, it can be done quickly and efficiently, while also ensuring you and your business secure by drastically limiting any type of unprotected downtime.

Automated Operation: When Webroot® was created, the user was kept in mind. Each part of the software is simple and intuitive. You can look through the templates that are already part of the system or create one that is as unique as your business. You never need a signature to manage your protection. Instead, the work is done from the cloud so there is no impact on anyone’s experience.

Automated Updates: When you start using Webroot®, you can set how often you want it to update. The updates are totally transparent and take under five seconds in nearly all instances. You will be alerted when an update takes place, so you can run a new scan as soon as it is complete, should you so choose.

It Can Be Managed Remotely: If you have an issue with Webroot®, we can look at it from our location without having to come to you to see what might be going on. It is set up with administrators when it is implemented, allowing only those with the proper codes and authorization to look at your system. All commands that may need to be input to correct an issue can be done from anywhere, so you never have to worry about trying to manage foreign software. We centrally manage Webroot® for our clients using our Datto Remote Management and Monitoring (RMM) Platform.

Your Business Has Offline and Online Protection: Webroot® anti-virus software is powerful enough to keep track of any potential infection, even if that infection’s endpoint is no longer online. This gives you several benefits, including receiving fewer false alerts and the peace of mind that you will have reliable protection from anywhere in the world.

Restoration is Simple: Since Webroot® anti-virus and anti-malware protection is able to protect as well as safeguard you both online and offline, you can restore any lost or corrupted information back to your systems to a time prior to the infection in a very small period of time. The best part is, that it can all be done without the need for re-imaging your drive.

Understanding the Power of Webroot

Webroot SecureAnywhere is an efficient anti-virus software that focuses on security and speed. Its unique approach to detection and monitoring allows it to perform scans with little to no performance impact while maintaining one of the most robust databases of malware out there. It does this by having a list of known safe applications that can run immediately, and unknown applications are sent to their threat detection center for review.

When taking a good look at various anti-virus and anti-malware software solutions available for businesses today, you’ll see that many don’t measure up to Webroot®. For example, Webroot® has a built-in extension that can be applied to any web browser you wish. At first glance, this might not seem like a big deal, as most other popular anti-virus and anti-malware programs boast similar extensions. However, the Webroot® extension can block dangerous or suspicious website URLs before Google Chrome’s built-in protection, which is a fact that very few protection softwares can boast about.

Webroot SecureAnywhere is also able to provide your business with webcam protection, which is something that many other anti-virus software programs do not provide. When you consider how much of your business is conducted through video chat, it’s clear to see why this has quickly become one of the most talked-about features.

The intelligence that powers Webroot® is world-class, and it has been evolving for well over a decade. The entire system learns as one unit and is able to update as a single unit as well. Each threat that Webroot® encounters is classified and categorized so that it can be studied and used as a learning tool to protect against future mutations of the same type of threat.

The best way to understand how powerful Webroot is, is by looking at how it works. It stores the definitions of threats that the entire system has encountered. Each file is categorized as the type of threat it was and where it came from. All of this information is stored in the cloud rather than on the local PC. This dramatically reduces the workload on the PC, making it feel lighter than most other Anti-virus (AV) and anti-malware (AM) solutions on the market. I’m sure we’ve all experienced our PC’s slowing down after the install of an AV solution. One of Webroot’s big advantages is how lightweight and fast it is while maintaining security. This is the database in the cloud is what that Webroot learns from.

As a new threat is categorized, and the location marked, the entire Webroot AV system can update because the software is cloud-based. This means that you and your company are never stuck with out-of-date software and that you are always prepared for virtually any type of attack. Whenever a new threat is located, an update to protect against it is pushed out as soon as possible, allowing for almost real-time protection against any type of online threat.

Benefits of Having a Security Software Online

The sheer quantity of already-known data that covers current phishing attempts, malware threats, and similar risks is enormous. Having one database anywhere for all of this information would be incredibly difficult, not to mention slow, to update. However, since the information is all able to be stored online, this frees up space and allows for near-instantaneous adjustments when necessary.

If you were to try and keep all of this information in your business, it would slow down your entire network. Every time your company tried to run a scan, the network resources would be taxed to the point of non-functionally. By having all the information in the cloud, scans take seconds to minutes to complete and there is no work stoppage during this phase of your security.

So Why Should You Choose Webroot?

When considering what type of anti-virus and anti-malware program to go with to protect your business, you may be asking why you should choose Webroot as your option. This combination of endpoint protection and DNS protection helps to keep your business safe at all times. It was created and designed for small and medium businesses and the Webroot console can be automated to provide protection easily, so you can focus on growing your business.

Webroot also has the experience you and your company can depend on. They have been busy keeping the internet safe for over 20 years, having first started back in 1997. They even went all-in on cloud platforms in 2011. Their servers have been able to apply machine learning through innovatively refining the cybersecurity processes since 2007. No matter what type of security threats you or your business may face, Webroot® has you covered.

The Security You Get with Webroot Protection

Nearly everyone understands that using any type of computer carries inherent risks. That is where the vitality of security comes from. There are constant new sources of ransomware and dangerous software coming at you regularly. It is not just from computers, either. It can come from any type of device that has the ability to go online and connect with a network. These threats are real and can do a lot more damage than what may appear on the surface. When you rely on Webroot AV and AM protection, you have a network of safety surrounding every bit of information you hold dear. That, in and of itself, can boost the value of your business.

Your Security Should Not Slow You Down

Have you ever installed an anti-virus program that changed how your entire network functioned during a scan, slowing it down to a crawl and making getting anything done in a timely manner nearly impossible? That will not be an issue when you install Webroot. This system is incredibly light and not dependent on numerous resources. That means when you run a scan, you and your customers will be able to carry on like normal. This is possible because Webroot runs in the cloud. You will barely notice that the program is around, other than the fact that you will have fewer worries of phishing or key logger issues.

The Webroot servers are doing the vast majority of the work on their end. That way, you can run a full scan without interrupting your day. This means you get an easier Webroot installation, a smaller footprint in your personal and business networks, boosted company value and security, plus little, if any, slowdown. Your company has nothing to lose, and a library of protection to gain.

For those companies with older networks, servers, or devices, you can get the benefits of Webroot AV and AM, too. The anti-virus protection Webroot offers is not limited for use on only current devices. It is compatible with many older devices, allowing you to have the protection you need without the device upgrade bill you don’t.

Where some anti-virus programs use a single tool to protect your information, Webroot uses several. The goal is to provide smooth protection of your IT infrastructure while keeping your servers of information safe through remote monitoring. Both of these tools provide an integration that allows them to work simultaneously. If any type of threat, misconfiguration, or infection is detected, an email alert is sent out so we can take immediate action. If we need to reinstall Webroot or adjust a setting, it can be done remotely. You have protection 24/7 without you even knowing that it is happening or having to lift a finger to alert anyone.

The integration of these tools allows us to have a quicker response than most other antivirus programs on the market. This gives you better service and allows you to have updated security promises you can make to your customers.

We Also Install Webroot ChromeBrowser Extensions

The list of websites that should not be trusted grows daily. The same goes for the library of checked websites in the Webroot directory. If you want to know what websites are safe and which are not, you can include the Webroot Google Chrome add-on for your Browser Extensions for Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer. That way, you can see which websites are safe before ever opening them. This keeps your information away from even more potential threats, plus it blocks unsafe sites from even being accessed by you or anyone else in your network. You are getting the protection that goes beyond just you, and also covers your customers and employees, too.

Be Structured Technology Group, Inc. Recommends Webroot Protection

When looking at all the features Webroot can provide, it is no wonder that we recommend this antivirus to many of our business customers. Why not invest in something that can add value to your business and give your customers peace of mind? You do not have to worry that your network or resources will slow down while also having constant protection both online and offline.

It used to be that hackers would hide out in the basement and hope to get lucky with a spam email or phishing attack. However, that is no longer the case. Today’s cyber attackers are far more intuitive. They know how to hit, when to hit, and what information to put in front of you that makes you most likely to take the bait. Thankfully, Webroot has spent over 20 years learning from the mistakes of these attackers. It also knows what to look for, but it has the intent of keeping you safe from an attack. Trust the protection you get from a constantly evolving antivirus program like Webroot. Know that you, your family, and your business’ information will all be safe when Webroot is a part of a multi-layer Managed Services Security Provider (MSSP) suite of security tools. Take a look at our other tools we use to keep you safe as well!

Do you want to learn more about the IT services Los Angeles business owners have come to know and trust? Contact us here at Be Structured Technology Group, Inc. today! Let us help you get your company to a new level of security. We can start with a new Webroot installation and ramp up our efforts to cover any type of IT issues you may face. We are here to help ensure that your technology is helping you stay safe and productive.

What Are You Doing To Protect Your Network?

Be Structured helps you formulate concrete answers to questions like this.

Empower Your Team With Awareness Training

Are You At Risk For A Cyber Attack? Ninety-five percent of network security breaches are due to human error. Empowering your team with the knowledge and skills to identify cybersecurity threats is essential to keeping your network protected. After all, a team of cybersecurity experts can only protect your network so much; at a certain point, it’s up to your everyday users to sidestep threats before they cripple your network. That’s where cybersecurity awareness training, such as phishing email training from Be Structured, comes into play.

The first step to cultivating a culture of cybersecurity awareness is simply to inform your team about the reality of cyber threats. As new threats emerge, it’s critical to provide ongoing training that helps employees spot threats and avoid them. Phishing email training is one of the most straightforward ways of accomplishing this goal. When you partner with Be Structured, it’s easy to ensure your team stays one step ahead of cybercriminals by automating ongoing phishing attacks.

Phishing email training automatically sends team members simulated phishing attacks on an ongoing basis. Your team will be able to report the email as phishing or, if caught unaware, click on one of the links. If they report the email, they’re congratulated and notified that it was a simulated attack. If, however, they fall victim to the simulated attack, they’re required to complete an additional security awareness training course online to bolster their awareness. Read more about Antivirus and Antimalware here.

Comprehensive Cybersecurity Solutions

When you partner with Be Structured, we secure your network with a comprehensive cybersecurity platform that protects every level of your operations. Our approach includes the latest network security strategies like dark web scanning and phishing email training, all for one fixed monthly price.

With Be Structured overseeing your larger cybersecurity needs and threats, you can be confident you’re staying ahead of the latest developments in the industry while preparing for the challenges of tomorrow. As part of our cybersecurity package, we protect you from external threats such as data breaches and unauthorized access to your network, while also guarding against internal threats with disaster recovery solutions.

Los Angeles IT Support

If you’re ready to take a more proactive approach to cybersecurity, you need a team of experts developing and overseeing your overarching security roadmap. Be Structured has the experience and skills to develop customized cybersecurity strategies around your unique operations. We’ll work with you to assess your team’s workflows from the inside out and keep you protected from internal and external threats. Get in touch with our team today to start exploring how much your cybersecurity platform can be doing to protect your bottom line and mission-critical data.