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Phishing scams have been around almost since the invention of email. While many people can spot lazy phishing, some phishing attempts are so very well done that they can fool even IT professionals. 

Even though phishing may be something of an old-school attempt at hacking or gaining access to accounts, it’s still something you need to be aware of. That’s why Be Structured is here to assist you in defeating phishing attempts. 

We recommend ID Agent’s BullPhish ID, an anti-phishing and educational tool that will help protect your company from phishing scams while also training your employees to recognize potential phishing attacks and learn how to respond to them.

Bullphish ID Manages the Dangers of Phishing Scams

BullPhish ID is aimed at removing the weakest links in your company. In the case of phishing, those weak links are generally uneducated employees who simply don’t understand what phishing is, how dangerous it can be to a company, or how to identify phishing scams. 

In fact, upwards 90 percent of all company security breaches aren’t caused by hackers, malware, or viruses. Instead, they’re caused by simple errors made by employees. These errors cover everything from using weak passwords to losing company laptops, but one of the major errors many people make is falling for phishing scams.

Current Phishing Trends

Phishing attacks in their original form were done through email. 

A person would receive an email that appeared to come from a trusted source, often a credit card company or bank, asking them to reply with specific account information. The email would state that they needed to verify this information or that there was a problem with the person’s account and they needed to provide their details to have that problem fixed. Of course, the email was a fake, and any reply went to a hacker.

Today’s phishing techniques have become more advanced. 

Most employees will notice that the email address the phishing scam came from isn’t connected to the company it claims to be or doesn’t look as legitimate as other emails they have received from that company. Some don’t even include the company logo or other standard information. Even when they do, clicking reply usually opens an email to an address that is very suspicious-looking.

Fake Websites Phishing

Instead, new phishing emails often include a link to a fake website. These fake websites can be very well done and look almost identical to the company’s real website. 

Employees may truly believe they need to submit their information to protect their personal account or even a company account. Many of these scammers even take the time to register a fake URL that’s very similar to the actual company name to complete their forgery.

Even employees who back away from one of these fake pages after clicking the link may have caused some damage. These fake websites can download malware and viruses to a computer. 

It also lets the attacker know the person at least opened the email and clicked on the link, giving them a possibly vulnerable target to continue to try attacking. 

Some of the more complex fake sites even attempt to bypass the need for the user to give their permission to install software, allowing the website to slip these unsafe programs onto a computer without anyone knowing. Even those that do ask permission may say one thing is being installed when it’s actually something else.

Phishing Scams on Social Networking Sites

On top of these email phishing scams, hackers are now phishing through social media websites and messenger applications. Many scammers have started stealing photos and personal data off of Facebook profiles to use in scams. 

A person may think a friend has started a new profile, but it’s actually a fake and is posting nothing but links to phishing sites. These scammers may also attempt to impersonate others on messenger apps to convince people to click links or send them personal information.

How Does BullPhish ID Work?

BullPhish ID is highly recommended by outsourced tech support companies to provide a wide array of training materials for your employees, helping them understand phishing and how to deal with it. However, you can’t simply train your employees and expect them to recognize and respond correctly to phishing emails. 

That’s why BullPhish ID gives you the ability to conduct tests. For companies in Los Angeles and surrounding areas like IT support in Burbank, looking for phishing testing is a must. It will help highlight who needs additional training and who understands phishing.

The first step in using BullPhish ID is to create a fake phishing email. This email is sent out to your employees to test them on how well they are able to recognize and handle phishing scams. 

These emails are sent to employees at random times over the course of a few days. This ensures that one employee won’t spot a phishing email and let others know exactly what day and time it was sent. It makes fake emails look more authentic, especially if you don’t test all employees at once.

Bullphish ID Awareness Training

Once fake phishing emails have been sent, you can view the results of your test and determine who needs additional training.

BullPhish ID includes a number of different tools to assist you with conducting these tests and training your team:

  • Training Videos: BullPhish ID has a number of training videos for employees to watch to learn about phishing. These videos are designed to be easy to understand, regardless of the level of computer knowledge. The videos are available online, so employees can access them anywhere.
  • Quizzes: Each training video has a quiz that tests employees’ knowledge of what they learned and helps to reinforce the information presented. Like the videos, these quizzes are also available online.
  • Group Management: You can create groups for employees and manage which groups get which materials. For example, new employees may need to be completely trained on phishing, while veterans may only need to receive some supplemental information once a year.
  • Customizable Templates: BullPhish ID has a large library of different emails and fake web pages you can customize via the template editor, allowing you to design your own fake phishing emails to test your employees’ skills. You can also create your own fake emails and web pages.
  • Graphical Reports: BullPhish ID gathers data from the fake phishing emails and generates a report that shows how many employees clicked on the fake links or provided any type of information. It will even show you how individuals did on their training, so you know who needs additional lessons.

Is BullPhish ID Simple to Use?

Enrolling in BullPhish ID is very easy to do. First, Be Structured Technology Group, a Los Angeles IT support company and BullPhish ID consultant, will contact an ID Agent about adding BullPhish ID to your company’s defenses. 

While BullPhish ID doesn’t offer a free trial, your company can begin using it as soon as you let us know you’re interested in the app. 

We will get you signed up and pay your first month’s enrollment fee, which is included in our costs. Because all of BullPhish ID is done online, you can immediately access all of the training features and begin testing employee groups with fake phishing emails and web pages.

ID Agent Subscriptions

For companies that have enrolled in ID Agent’s Dark Web ID, your subscription includes access to BullPhish ID at no extra cost. Likewise, if you subscribe to BullPhish ID, you also have access to Dark Web ID. 

This tool helps you monitor the dark web for stolen email addresses, user names, and passwords. Knowing when this information has been stolen and is for sale is vital in stopping security breaches before they happen. While BullPhish ID will help you reduce the risk of a data breach, Dark Web ID acts as an alert system for when a breach does happen.

If at any point you decide BullPhish ID isn’t right for your company, you can simply cancel your subscription.

preventing cyber attacks

Let Bullfphish ID help protect your business.

How Does BullPhish ID Help Businesses?

BullPhish ID assists businesses by reducing the number of employee accounts that get hacked every year. Instead of acting like a firewall, virus scanner, or other active types of defense, however, it achieves this goal through education. 

By teaching employees how to recognize phishing scams, BullPhish ID impacts more than just your company. Employees will be able to recognize phishing aimed at their personal accounts and at the accounts of any organization they volunteer for or are a part of. 

The more people are aware of phishing and how to identify it, the fewer accounts hackers will have to work with.

Bullphish ID Reduces Hacked Accounts

By reducing the number of hacked accounts, BullPhish ID helps keep your company safe by eliminating one of the easiest forms of data theft. Creating phishing emails is actually fairly easy, as you’ll see by using BullPhish ID’s templates. 

Hackers don’t need to put a lot of work into making these emails, and even fake web pages are fairly simple to make.

Make Hackers Work Harder

By eliminating the number of accounts hackers can get access to via phishing, you make them work harder to steal data. Since many of these people are only looking for a quick cash grab, they may not be willing to move beyond simple phishing scams. 

That’s not to say that eliminating phished accounts is going to make your company servers invulnerable, but it will help cut out a very common method of data theft.

BullPhish ID Examples

Using BullPhish ID from both the employer side and the employee side is easy. We provide all of the management of your phishing training. 

We will import your existing employee list into the platform, send out the fake phishing emails to employees, and then group them into the required groups for further training and phishing tests. 

The Be Structured team will work closely with you every step of the way, adding new employees as they join your team and removing them when they leave. We share all of the reports with you, so you know exactly how your team is doing.

Bullphish ID Training For the Entire Company

After that, employees will work through the video training course at their own pace, taking the quizzes as they complete each section. 

You can schedule fake phishing emails to go out at any time, though you will want to give employees time to complete at least some of the lessons. 

After you create your phishing emails, BullPhish ID will randomly send them out to the selected groups. You can generate reports to view the outcome of these emails at any time.

From an employee side, using BullPhish ID is just as easy. The employee receives an email with instructions on how to log into BullPhish ID’s web interface. 

They will then see all of the different tutorials and quizzes. They proceed through these materials at their own pace (or with a deadline you’ve set for them).

Email Training That Actually Works

As for the fake emails, employees will never know when they’re going to receive one. In fact, you may not tell them that these fake emails even exist. 

However, letting them know that they will be tested may encourage them to scrutinize every email they receive. You want employees to ignore, delete, or even report phishing emails to IT. Those who do click on links or even reply to these emails may need additional training.

Comprehensive Cybersecurity Solutions

When you partner with Be Structured, we secure your network with a comprehensive cybersecurity platform that protects every level of your operations. Our approach includes the latest network security strategies like dark web scanning and phishing email training, all for one fixed monthly price.

With Be Structured overseeing your larger cybersecurity needs and threats, you can be confident you’re staying ahead of the latest developments in the industry while preparing for the challenges of tomorrow. As part of our cybersecurity package, we protect you from external threats such as data breaches and unauthorized access to your network, while also guarding against internal threats with disaster recovery solutions.

Los Angeles IT Support

If you’re ready to take a more proactive approach to cybersecurity, you need a team of experts developing and overseeing your overarching security roadmap. 

Be Structured has the experience and skills to develop customized cybersecurity strategies around your unique operations. We’ll work with you to assess your team’s workflows from the inside out and keep you protected from internal and external threats. 

Get in touch with our team today to start exploring how much your cybersecurity platform can be doing to protect your bottom line and mission-critical data. Read more about phishing and ransomware scams.

Let Be Structured Technology Group, Inc. Help You with BullPhish ID Enrollment

BullPhish ID may not be a large, fancy suite of programs, but it should be a vital part of your cyber-protection plan. 

By educating your employees on how to avoid phishing scams, you not only reduce the risk to your company, but you also help employees reduce the risk of personal data breaches. 

Be Structured is here to serve as your Los Angeles BullPhish ID consultant and can assist you in bringing phishing education to your company. Contact us today to talk more about how we can help.