Relocate With Peace of Mind, Let Us Worry About Your IT

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Moving is an exciting time for any business. It can create brand new opportunities and open up new doors for your future, but the period while you are in transition, can be a tumultuous time. An office relocation in the modern age is not as simple as moving used to be. You can’t just call any moving company and have them carry all your stuff to your new place. There needs to be a plan in place that takes all the risks and possible hurdles into account.

You’re Moving More Than Furniture

When the time comes to move your business, you need a moving plan for more than just your furniture. You need a network moving strategy and the technical support to execute it. Be Structured is prepared to be your network support company and partner in your relocation plans. We have the technical expertise and managed services to make sure that you are able to hit the ground running in your new location.

Relocating your network takes long-term planning and an in-depth of your operations. We will get to know your requirements so that you can take advantage of all the opportunities that your new location presents. We can even help you if you already have your own IT department. To help your IT department plan ahead, we can offer some advice on what areas to focus on and a checklist of actions to perform before your move.

Things To Do Before The Move

Plan The Move

  • Build a schedule for your moving process and plan ahead for any projects that might be negatively impacted by the move.
  • Look at your current facility and establish what resources need to come with you and what can stay behind.
    Put together a budget for the cost of the move.
  • Create a blueprint for your new network infrastructure, workstations, and fixtures.

Assess Your Equipment

  • Take an inventory of all the IT assets in your workplace.
  • Assess your network cabling and determine if you need any restructuring.
  • Look ahead at any IT upgrades you might need and see if you can time them with the move.
  • Plan ahead for selling or getting rid of any obsolete equipment or hardware.

Prepare Your Telecommunications

  • Prepare an inventory of your communication and collaboration devices. Be sure they will all function in the new space.
  • Determine how many phone lines you need and what day you will need to transfer services.
  • Talk with your telecom provider about how any calls can be short-term managed while you are in transition.
  • Look for ways to advance your services with features like voice or video conferencing in the new location.

Establish Network Security

  • Develop a plan for maintaining your security while in transition.
  • Build a list of anyone that needs or currently has access to your systems and ensure they will have uninterrupted service.
  • Figure out all the security tools you need and ensure they will be in place when you start operating in the new location.
  • Look at your current contracts with security providers. Take the time to renew, renegotiate, or cancel any plans as needed.

Get Peace of Mind With Professional Assistance

On top of all this planning, you need to build contingencies for when things go awry. Take precautions to backup all of your essential data and store it in a secure location during your transition. To learn more about what you can do to prepare for a relocation, reach out to Be Structured today. We can help you get the peace of mind you need while relocating to a new place.